2017 will be here soon, and there are some things you should do in your business before the New Year gets here!

First up — Take A Look At 2016… It’s time to do a little review of the past year. What products & services did you offer? Which ones made you the most money? Which ones flopped?

You might think your audience wants a certain “type” of product or service from you, but when you look at what they’ve purchased over the year, you might be surprised to see what’s actually making you the most money.

Decide Which Products To Focus On In 2017 – Once you know which products and services your customers wanted the most, you can take a look at your current offerings and decide which ones to retire this year, and what needs to be added to round out your offerings.

Create A Basic Outline For Your Promotions – Once you have an idea of what products and services you will be offering in 2017, you can create a basic outline for when you’ll be promoting them. Nothing has to be set in stone.

I think it’s good to have some flexibility. Things come up. You may get an idea for a new product or service in February or March and decide to promote it. Or maybe you schedule a promotion for the last week of May, and then you get invited to your cousin’s wedding which will be held at the end of May- and in another state, so you decide to juggle some stuff and run your promotion earlier in May.

The point is just to have a basic outline of what you’ll be promoting each month.

Create Content Ideas That Complement Your Products & Promotions – Now that you know which products and services you’ll be offering and when you’ll be promoting them, start generating ideas for content on topics that match up with your products and services. The content can be in many forms – from blog posts to videos to social media posts to the newsletters you send to your mailing list.

Here’s an example – let’s say that you help people organize their business and create systems. Let’s say that you have a workshop that is all about teaching people to delegate. In the weeks leading up to your promotion, and during your promotion, you’ll want to create content that teaches people what a virtual assistant is, the various ways to find a good VA, how it makes sense to hire a VA even if the business owner doesn’t think they can afford it, etc.

Offering your readers content on these topics gets them interested in the subject. You can offer a freebie that goes into the subject a little more, and teaches some of the fundamentals. Then, when you offer the larger product or workshop, you’ll have people who are interested and ready to buy your larger product!

Your “homework” is to start making a list of ideas for the content that you can create that will help you promote your products & services this year. This can be on paper, in Excel or Google Sheets, etc.

Create Your Action Plan – Now you know what products and services you’ll be offering, when you’ll be promoting them, and you have a list of ideas for content that you can offer leading up to the promotion.

You don’t have to create the content today. But I think it’s a good idea to start creating an Action Plan of when you will be working on the content, and whatever else you need for your promotions, and assigning due dates to everything.

For example — if you are going to run a promotion during the last two weeks of March, set a due date for the content to be done during the first week of March. You’ll need to start working on that content in February, so it’ll be done by the beginning of March. Then, you’ll be able to start publishing  your blog posts, videos, and social media posts, to offer your freebie and get people interested in the topic during the first two weeks of March.

You’ll be able to start selling your product during the 3rd and 4th week March to an audience that is interested and eager to buy!

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