Recently, I was on a coaching call with a client, and she was surprised to learn that I supported myself entirely from my online business. I guess I took it for granted that people knew that.

I don’t have a “day job.” I earn my living completely online. I don’t have a husband that supports me. It’s all me!

The point is, when it comes to helping you grow your business and creating more income, I really do know what I’m talking about.

I am actually living the dream of starting a website and making a living from it. How many people do you know that can say that?

If you’d like to quit your day job, I have two new workshops that can help you get closer to that dream.

The “Start A Service Based Business” Workshop
Did you realize that you can easily earn an extra $500 a month or more by offering services, such as virtual assistance, marketing and social media help, graphic design, and more?

And that $500 is based on just an extra 5 hours per week, working from home?

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 The Info Product Workshop
One of the best ways to add income to your existing business is by adding info products! These can be ebooks, webinars, how-to videos, etc. The bonus is that these are digital files. You create them once, and you can sell them again and again. That’s residual income (with no shipping costs!)

I make the majority of my income through info products, and they can be added to any type of business.

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  • Both of these workshops start on April 1 and run for six weeks. Each one includes weekly lessons and homework assignments.
  • You’ll turn the assignments into me, and I’ll look them over and provide feedback.
  • Each workshop will also include group coaching calls on April 8, April 22, and May 6.
  • You’ll also receive a one-on-one coaching call from during the workshop.
  • Each workshop is priced at only $75 through March 20, and there are also affordable payment plans.


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