You will know all too well, as an entrepreneur, that there is a lot you need to do every day to ensure the smooth running of your business. But, thankfully, you don’t have to cope with all of these responsibilities anymore. Thanks to lots of great tech developments, there are now a lot of different apps and computer software you can download for various aspects of business. Once you start to utilize all of these great apps, you will find that running your company becomes as easy as ABC!

So, which apps are worth it? Here are some of the best ones out there.


Do you wish you had a better way of keeping in touch with all your contractors, freelancers, and employees? If so, then you need Slack! This is a great team communication tool that you can use on your desktop and as an app on various devices. As it is based in the Cloud, all of your messages are instantly saved, which makes it ever so easy to search through your chats and find various bits of information.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes online payments a lot easier for business owners to handle. It allows customers to pay in shops using their smartphone. They just need to open the app on their phone and scan it across your point of purchase. Money is instantly transferred in the app. Sound a bit too tech-heavy for you? Don’t panic; this online guide to Apple Pay will keep you right. In the guide, you also find out how to set up the app for your business, and various other hints and tips.


Have you been spending a lot of time thinking about the best way to track all the hours that your contractors and freelancers do? Well, I think I have the solution – Toggl! This allows your workers to easily track and add up their hours for various projects. They can then create a report, which they can send into you or your accountant. Once you download Toggl, you will find that you never argue about hours again!


How do you keep on track of all your different passwords? Some people like to keep sticky notes stuck all over the office while other entrepreneurs stick to one password for their whole accounts. Firstly, that latter option isn’t good for security reasons, and you could find that your whole data is breached if a hacker gets hold of the password. And you could very easily lose your sticky notes! But once you start using 1Password, you won’t have any password troubles ever again. It keeps all of your passwords safely protected. All you need is a different master password so that you can get into them!

These apps have been making so many entrepreneurs’ lives easier for a few years now. Why don’t you try them and find out their benefits for yourself?

What apps do you use in your business? I’d love to hear about any more useful ones!