Maybe ten years ago, setting up a blog was enough to appeal to a target audience. The fact there weren’t many on the Web meant the traffic was split equally. In 2018, the number of bloggers in the US alone is around 30 million, with the figure set to rise to 32 million. Being a blogger isn’t enough; today, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd. Just because the blog operates from a bedroom in a residential property doesn’t mean it isn’t able to market itself. Advertising and promoting the platform are imperative to lure in customers, and here are the tricks to remember.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Around 33% of transactions happen online nowadays. That stat alone should be enough to convince you that going mobile is a must. With 7 billion devices in the world, it’s an opportunity that the blog can’t afford to miss out on now or ever. Of course, the obvious alteration is to create a mobile site so that consumers can land without any formatting issues. But, don’t forget about using to market content through an app. Thanks to the App Store and Google Play, an application is an incredible way to connect with your base.

Guest On Other Blogs

The idea of helping a competitor doesn’t sound like a good idea. Aside from promoting their content, it takes away from yours; at least that’s the theory. In reality, landing spots on reputable sites is an excellent way to boost the blog’s readership. The reason is simple: people will see the post, read it, and want more. To do so, they’ll have to come across the URL and click through. The trick is to use specific blogs that relate to your content and industry. For example, travel-enthusiasts should target which gets millions of hits a month. Check out this Forbes article for the most successful blogs in the world.

Specify Keywords

SEO is a major part of marketing, but there is a lot of garbage that gets pedaled around. For instance, using a generic word or phrase isn’t going to do the blog any favors. A term such as “beauty” is used throughout the Web and won’t get Google’s attention. Instead, try long-tail phrases that are specific. “Organic beauty hacks” is bound to get the site off the bottom pages of search engines and nearer the top. The webpage should be able to help create strong keywords.

Don’t Oversell

What happens when you are trying to advertise the blog is that you go over-the-top. Rather than opt for quality, it’s all about quantity and that puts off readers. They don’t want to go on Twitter and Facebook and see links to your content all day long because it gets boring. A neat trick is to post stuff which you think may be of interest whether it’s from the blog or not. Readers who relate to the link will think “I want more” and head to your site as the first place of contact.

Hopefully, these tips will help transforms your marketing fortunes.