It could have been luck that saw you start working from home. Maybe it was a risky choice to become your own boss that paid off. Perhaps you accredit your hard work, true grit and determination for having no one to answer to but yourself as you sit in your home office and make money. Whatever it is, you set the rules. You choose when to get up, when to start work, when to take breaks, when to do whatever it is you want to do.

But for each one of these benefits comes a barrel load of responsibilities and even more challenges, and the toughest one of them is staying motivated. You see, many work-from-homers become content with making enough, but lose that desire to earn more and take their business to the next level.

That is why we have pulled together some tips to help you get motivated:

Think Back To The Beginning

We all have our own reasons for choosing this life. Freedom. Money. Lack of options. Wanted to spend more time with your dog. There was something that motivated you to launch your own business, and tapping into those reasons – those feelings – will help motivate you once more.

Set Some Smaller Goals

Bigger goals are overrated. They often take too long to achieve and so we actually lose motivation and self-belief before dismissing them altogether. Smaller goals, though, these are attainable and they can have lasting impacts. It could be working an extra hour each day or trying to earn an extra $150 a week. It will motivate you and it will pay off, we promise.

Seek Some Inspiration

The internet is a rabbit hole of inspiration, you just have to take the time and make the effort to find it. You could sign up to an online study that is led by world-class industry leaders or set aside a half hour each day to watch a TED talk and take some notes. Getting motivated does not have to come from within all the time. It is just as important to be motivated by the wisdom and experience of others too.

Become A Visionary

If you have read The Secret, then you with a) know exactly what we are talking about or b) roll your eyes. Either way, here us out because what we are suggesting is nothing more than a vision board – a place where you can make a visual note of everything you want in life. Your dream home, a yacht, a slide that leads from your bedroom to your office, a travel bucket list. They won’t magic their way into your life, but they will keep you motivated to work harder.

Take A Break

If your creative juices aren’t flowing, try not to force them. Why? Simple: the more aggravated you become the less motivated you will be and thus the less quality you will be able to produce. Period. The end. So, then next time you are stuck in a moment where no inspiration floats your way, instead of hitting your head against the wall, just walk away. Make a cup of tea. Go for a jog. Take a nap. Read a book. Call a friend. Had to the movies. Anything that will allow you to step away and come back rejuvenated.