If you are a freelancer or run a small business, your website will be hugely important to you. This is the place your customers will visit to find out about your business and the benefits of using it. Even if you have the greatest website in the world, it won’t do much good if no one knows about it. Website promotion is absolutely key to your business, so you need to think about the ways in which you are going to get your company noticed.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a bit of general advice for getting your website out there.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is absolutely essential if you are looking to draw in new customers and clients. Firstly, the content on your site should include a number of keywords that you think people will search to find you on search engines. You should also update your site on a regular basis with fresh content which is also shareable. Make sure to engage with current news items and industry trends so the content is fresh and interesting.

PPC Advertising

While search engine optimization is usually a long, drawn out process that will take a lot of time and effort, pay per click advertising (PPC) gets your site up to the top of the pecking order. The challenge is to make sure that the people who are clicking through to your site this way are being converted into customers. Search engines are constantly adding new services, so if you need any help setting up Google shopping with AdWords for example, there are plenty of online services. The beauty of this approach is that you can conduct a thorough analysis so you can find out what is working and what isn’t.


One of the most effective techniques has been found to be getting regular backlinks to your site on a host of other trusted sites. Try to get guest blogging spots on some well known sites relevant to your industry. Not only will this help to get your voice out there, the backlinks to your website are essential for boosting your search engine rankings.

Social Media

You should have a number of social media accounts that you keep updated on a regular basis. Whenever you have posted some new content on your website, you should make sure to let everyone know. However, social media shouldn’t all be about promoting yourself. You should also use it to engage with your customers in other ways, offering helpful advice and opinions on news stories.

Email Marketing

A good way to drive traffic back to your site is through emails. Whenever you send out an email to your clients, make sure it includes interesting and relevant information with plenty of links back to your website. If people haven’t visited your site in a while, these emails are a way of reminding your customers that you are still active and there’s lots of interesting content that they should check out.