Do You Need More Content For Your Biz?

Silly Question, Right?

You’ll always need more content.

It’s the foundation of your online business.

How awesome would it be to have a fresh supply of pre-made content, whenever you needed it?

That’s what you’ll get with The Ready To Use Content Library!

You get to use the content in your business, however you want. Use it as blog posts, articles in your newsletter, use as the base for podcasts or videos.

Use the content to create freebies to grow your mailing list or sell these workshops as your own.

You keep the profits!

Does This Sound Familiar?

You KNOW you need to create content – blog posts, freebies, newsletters, videos, social media updates, info products, workshops…. the list goes on.

But let’s face it. You’re BUSY.

You’re running a business, and you have a life. You’re taking care of biz stuff, taking care of your family, and then, when you do have time to sit down and work on content … You either don’t know what to create or you get stuck on something else in the process.

You WISH there was an easier way.

You WANT to be marketing your business and making more sales (especially passive income) but sometimes it just seems impossible to do everything – and work on creating more content.

Imagine This Type Of Life, Instead

Imagine what it would be like to have access to a huge supply of pre-written content, that is ready for you to use.

This content can be branded with your brand. You can edit it. Add your own style.

You can give this content away to grow your mailing list.

You can use the content to create a membership site and start earning monthly, passive income.

You can also sell the pre-made workshops and start teaching your own online classes.

It DOESN’T Have To Be A Struggle

ALL of this can be your reality, when you are a member of The Ready To Use Content Library.

Struggling to find time to create content, or figuring out what topics to write about will be a thing of the past.

Instead, you’ll sit down at the computer and you’ll be able to start adding your brand to pre-written content.

You’ll be able to create new info products to sell in a day. You’ll be creating newsletters, freebies, and social media in no time!

Why Struggle, When It Can Be Easy With
The Ready To Use Content Library

You’ll receive access to a HUGE library of pre-written content.

Topics include: business, health, family, finances, and lifestyle.

  • You can brand this content as your own
  • Use it to create freebies that you give away to grow your mailing list
  • Sell the ebooks and workshops as your own – and keep the profits!

Take A Video Tour

Remember – you will receive unlimited access to the library for a full year!

You’ll receive immediate access to a huge supply of content

PLUS – more content will be added throughout the year!

Just Imagine How This Will Change Everything

This Takes The Hard Work Out Of Creating Content

If you struggle to find the time to create content, or simply don’t know what topics to write about, having a huge supply of pre-written content at your fingertips will make creating content SO much easier!

This Makes Growing Your List Easier

As an online business owner, growing your list should be one of your main priorities. You need to have great freebies as a way of saying “thank you” to the people who join your mailing list. This pre-written content will help you make freebies fast!

You'll Have Products To Sell & Online Classes To Teach

You’ll immediately get access to a treasure trove of workshops and online classes that you can start selling as your own. You’ll be able to create a membership site for your students, or enroll students into each workshop separately. You’ll be able to start creating passive income, quickly and easily.

Join Now - Just $297 For A Whole Year!

Here’s What You’ll Receive

These items are my retired products, and I sold them at prices ranging from $35 – $47

12 Monthly Newsletters (These are some of my top sellers. You’ll get 12 pre-written monthly newsletters in Word, HTML, and plain text format)
15 page report on How To Market Your Biz Online, Without Going Broke (This was a top seller of mine for a couple years! You could offer it as a freebie or sell it. You could also add bonus items and sell it as a larger package)
21 page report – The Yearly Marketing & Blogging Plan w/ 52 marketing ideas and 156 blogging ideas (enough for 3 posts per week, for a year) I sold this by itself for $35 for a couple of years! It was a great seller!

You Will Also Receive These Article Packs (each pack contains 10 articles)

Adsense Articles
Adwords Articles
Affiliate Marketing Articles
Content Articles
Info Product Articles
Offline Marketing Methods Articles
Online Marketing 101 Articles
Presentations Articles
Tips For Freelancers To Find New Clients
Viral Marketing Articles
Website Building Articles & Tweets
Book Publishing Articles
Business Start Up Articles
Goal Setting Articles
Growth Mindset Articles
Work At Home Articles

Plus – the original Working With Brands workbook set, which includes:

How To Find Brands workbook
How To Partner With Brands workbook
Blog Checklist
Giveaway Tips Checklist
Review Post Checklist
Social Media Checklist
One Sheet Checklist
Sample Email To Send To Brands

  • Detoxing The Body Ecourse
  • Walking Ecourse

Workshops, Workbooks, And Reports

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Home Canning
  • Beginner’s Guide To Walking (Report)
  • Detoxing The Body Report
  • Raising Earth Conscious Kids (Report)
  • Growth Mindset Report
  • Sustainable Living Report
  • The Benefits Of Meatless Meals (Report)
  • Nutrition Report

Articles (Each Topic Contains A Set Of 10 Articles**) (47 sets)

  • ADHD Articles
  • Acne Articles
  • Alternative Birth Articles
  • Alternative Edcation Articles
  • Alternative Therapies Articles
  • Back To School Articles & Tweets
  • Black Friday Articles
  • Budgeting Articles
  • Cars & Environment Articles
  • Children & Pets
  • Children’s Health Articles ** Only contains 5 articles
  • Confidence Articles
  • Credit Articles
  • Credit Repair Articles<
  • Debt Articles
  • Depression Articles
  • Diabetes Articles
  • Earth Conscious Articles

Marketing Live Events Ecourse

Workshops, Workbooks, and Reports

25 Practical Time Management Tips
Market Your Business Online Without Going Broke (report)
How To Host A Successful Live Event
Content Marketing Report
Working With Brands Workshop
Yearly Marketing & Blogging Plan

Plus These Articles (Each Pack Contains 10 Artciles)

  • Eco Friendly Articles And Tweets
  • Emotional Overeating Articles
  • Feng Shui Articles
  • Flat Abs Articles
  • Green DIY Articles
  • Green Energy Articles
  • Healthy Eating Articles
  • Hobbies Articles
  • Home Safety Articles & Tweets
  • How The Law Of Attraction Can Change Your Life
  • Meatless Meals Blog Posts
  • Muscle Articles
  • Natural Cleaning
  • Nuts – Articles & Tweets
  • Online Dating Articles
  • Organic Gardening Articles
  • Organizing Articles & Tweets
  • Parenting Articles & Tweets
  • Photography Articles & Tweets
  • Real Estate Articles
  • Self Help Articles & Tweets (Volume 2)
  • Skincare Articles
  • Sleep Articles
  • Travel Safety Articles & Tweets
  • Wedding Articles
  • Weight Loss Articles
  • Real Estate Articles
  • Self Help Articles (Volume 1)

Just Added – December 2017

  • Joy Of Food Report
  • Sugar Is The New Enemy Ecourse
  • Clean Eating Report
  • Clean Eating Articles
  • Clean Eating Ecourse
  • Food Dos and Don’ts Ecourse
  • Hobbies Articles
  • Autumn Decorating Ideas Articles
  • Declutter Articles
  • Using Humor Articles
  • Vacationing On A Budget Articles
  • What To Do When You Get Laid Off Ecourse
  • What To Do When You’re Laid Off Report
  • What To Do When You Need Cash Quickly Articles
  • Marketing Analytics Articles
  • Business Safety Articles
  • Creating And Using Infographics
  • How To Podcast Articles
  • Arthrosis Articles
  • Hay Fever Articles
  • Flu Articles
  • Depression Ecourse
  • Depression Report
  • Baby Articles
  • Child Sleep Articles
  • Children & Respect Articles

In Case We Haven’t Met Yet

Hi there! I’m Crissy Herron, the founder of

I started my business in 2007, and it has been my only income for years! Plus – I’m a single girl; there’s no husband or boyfriend helping me out. My business really is my sole income!

Starting my business was the BEST thing I’ve ever done! I get to do what I love, and I get to work on my own schedule.

I’m able to help my sister out with my nephews and niece (ages 5 – 18). I get to have all the family time I want. I get to travel when I want. And I never have to worry about asking a boss for permission!

Join Now - Just $297 For A Whole Year!