I hope your week is going good! I just got back from a trip to Chicago, and am still in unpacking / laundry mode and getting back into my routine.

I am working on some very cool FALL freebies to help you with your biz — so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about 2 very cool things from AppSumo

1) For a limited time, you can get 100 stock photos from DepositPhoto for just $49. This is an awesome deal that AppSumo runs once a year, and I always grab a couple of these packs. The photo credits never expire. I get a TON of the images I use in my business this way!

>>> Click Here to go to AppSumo, then click “Browse” — at the time I’m writing this email, this deal is the 4th one on the list.

2) AppSumo also has a lifetime deal for Viral Loops going on right now (also $49). I’m very intrigued by this tool. I haven’t used it before – but it looks pretty awesome. You can create viral campaigns where you can give away a freebie and the people are asked to share the giveaway, or you can even create a game out of it, and the person can earn “points” the more they share and refer your site. I definitely want to give this one a try!

>>> Click Here to go to AppSumo to learn about this deal.

These deals won’t last long (they never do with AppSumo), so if you’re intrigued, check them out today!