When you run a business from home, you have to know how to impress people and go it alone. Your brand will be judged the same as any other, so it’s up to you to manage and handle it. If you don’t, no one else will. There are some unique appeals of home-based businesses though, and you should make the most of these. On top of that, there are some downsides that people might associate with home-based businesses, and you will need to battle them. Here’s what your brand should say about you and your business as a whole.


One thing that big business can never really offer to customers is authenticity. Only a genuine small business that has been built on the hard work of one person or a small group of people can have that. Large corporations spend huge amounts of money trying to present themselves as smaller and more friendly. But that’s something that you already have. So, make a point of emphasising your brand’s origins and its authentic story when you’re branding your business. It can really help your business get a slight edge on the larger competition out there, so don’t ignore it.



If you run the kind of business that relies on you and not many other people, then become the face of your business. When you’re the one pulling the strings and calling the shots, it makes sense to do this. You can become the person that everyone associates with your business. And then, for many people, it will become more like doing business with an individual than with a business. That kind of personability is impossible to replicate unless you can offer it for real, so make this one of your main focuses. It can really pay off if you’re willing to put yourself front and center.


One of the things that attract people to bigger businesses is the fact that it can often seem easier to rely on them. Although that might not always be true, it’s seen to be the case. They have large infrastructure and a public presence, and that can be hard to fight against for small business owners like you. That’s why it’s important to make people associate reliability with you. You can find out how reliable people in your area find your business by using a service like Chatmeter. It allows you to manage the brand and see what people are saying about your home-based business.


Finally, you should make your brand seem professional. People still care about getting a professional service from the companies whose products they buy. If you don’t make it clear that your business is professional when handling customer and client issues, people will stay away. This is about developing a reputation over time. That reputation should then assure everyone that your business can be trusted to act professionally. Crafting a professional image and getting the tone of voice right will help too. And this should be done with your target audience in mind.