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Livin’ The Dream – In 5 Easy Steps

People often tell me that "I'm livin' the dream." And you know what? I am! I get to work on my schedule and do what I love - which makes me very happy. There isn't a big secret -- you can do this, … [Read More...]

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What To Blog About This Summer

One of my favorite "work ahead" tips is to block out a few hours to write several blog posts, scheduling them to post in the days or weeks ahead. If you wanted to reduce your working hours this Summer - or take a couple weeks off - this is a great … [Read More...]

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Make Your Biz Sizzle This Summer

Ahhh, Summer ... The time of year when it's so easy to procrastinate! Let's face it - after a long Winter, who doesn't want to take a road trip to the beach, visit the local fair, host a barbecue, or just sit outside and enjoy the warm … [Read More...]


Does Summer Have To Slow Down Your Biz?

I'm sure you've heard about the dreaded "Summer Slow Down" ...  Whether it's the truth or an urban legend is debatable. There are some businesses who do slow down in the Summer (such as a ski resort) but that doesn't mean your business will … [Read More...]


Summer Marketing Tips

  Are you out of ideas on how to market your business this Summer? Here are some promotion ideas to help you keep your sales up all Summer long: Summer Holidays Memorial Day Father’s Day Fourth of July Christmas In July Labor … [Read More...]


Plan Now For Your Summer Vacation

A Summer Vacation sounds nice, doesn't it? Especially after the Winter we just had! When was the last time you took a real vacation - and didn't feel guilty about it? Or bring your computer along and work while your family was having fun? You … [Read More...]