A Guide to Your Best Retirement

When thinking about retiring many images come to mind like sleeping late, taking care of your yard, traveling, or maybe just hanging out around the house with nothing particular to do. The reality is 33% of retirees chose to visit with their grandchildren, 42% like to travel, and 66% like to spend time on their hobbies. But what if retirement could be the most exciting chapter of your life? There are a lot of wonderful and innovative ideas for people looking to have fun in their retirement years.

Now that you are retired you can spend some money and have some fun. Pack your bags and head to the Royal Palm Hotel in the lush highlands of Santa Cruz in the heart of the Galapagos Island area. The hotel is a luxurious getaway spot where you can enjoy Asian-Ecuadorian and other classic fusion cuisine along with other traditional hotel amenities like a pool and tennis courts as well as their more unique art gallery and cavernous lava tunnel completely open for exploration. The hotel also offers tours around Santa Cruz and the other local island including the Galapagos where you will see rare and wonderful creatures and plants.

If you want to find adventure a little closer to home, or throughout the US, take up ATV ridding. You can find ATV trails in just about every state and there are even sites like ATVTrails that show special excursions just for the off road vehicles. It is a great way to get outdoors that won’t be physically demanding, and can be a lot of fun! You can ride a sport or utility ATV which is kind of like a motorcycle with four wheels, or if you want something a little more stable Side by Sides and passenger ATVs have become very popular.

Adventures and travel can be fun, but maybe you want a chance to make a deeper impact on a different level. Volunteering can be a great activity for retirement. You can find local institutions in your area through social services, churches, or sites like VolunteerMatch. Or you can have a mix of activities by working with people like Cross-Cultural Solutions who advocate for retirees to vacation in places like Russia and Morocco so they can help and volunteer with people in need while they are there.

Going back to school is also something a retiree can do to finally get a degree they wanted, or just take courses in something they are interested in. With something like a master of divinity at Cornerstone, you could not only learn about theology and a personal interest, but you could be prepared to help people as a chaplain or through other ministering needs.

Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you have to stop working. This could be the time for you to start the business you always wanted. You can get a gently used full kitchen catering truck for around $35,000 or a smaller food pull trailer for about $20,000 and sell your gourmet and food delights around town, or travel to fairs, festivals, and food shows for even more fun and adventure.

These suggestions just scratch the surface, other great ideas include:

·         Learning a new language or instrument.

·         Writing a book or blog.

·         Become a mentor or foster-grandparent.

·         Go into public service.

·         Remodel your home.

·         Move to the country or city.

·         Start a new sport or physical activity.

There really are so many ideas for people looking to retire. Retirement can truly be whatever you want it to be no matter your budget or physical capabilities. All you need to do is figure out what you want, and go for it.

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