Design Tips And Ideas For Exhibition Stands


When it comes to exhibitions, the stands that stand out most are always the ones with something different about their design. The plain and dull stands blend in with every other stall at the event, but the unique ones will get noticed. It can often be hard coming up with a fantastic design idea for […]

When DIY Isn’t The Best Option

  You know I love – and promote – being able to do things yourself,  but sometimes, you just have to call the experts. (And there’s no shame in that! You can’t handle everything by yourself! No one expects you to!) Here are some situations where you may need to call in re-enforcements.  But before you […]

Mac or PC?

thinking women with question mark on white background

Mac or PC? This is a question that I’ve seen many people ask on social media; it’s a question that many of my friends have pondered, and it’s something I’ve even thought about myself. I do admit – I’m still a PC …. But I’ve thought about switching over… So far, I’ve stayed a PC […]

Is Your Financial Past Preventing A Prosperous Future?


If you’re like most people, you have probably made some past mistakes with your money. Here are some common red flags you may be dealing with, and some tips on what you can do about them:  When you’re young, your credit history is likely the last thing on your mind. You apply for credit cards, […]

5 Ways To Get More Sales


The perks of owning your own business can be awesome! You get to do what you love, and you can make your own hours … But the joy of owning your own business can quickly disappear when people aren’t buying your products and services! Trust me, it’s something every business owner deals with at some point. […]