4 Reasons Print Marketing Is Not Dead

Print is dead. That’s what people all around the world have been saying for years. Yet despite the untimely demise of print, I still see newspaper stands on street corners, product catalogs, and informational marketing booklets for businesses. Publishers still produce millions of books a year. People still buy magazines at grocery stores. The question […]

Top 3 Tax-Friendly Tips For Your Small Biz

Small business owners have several things to worry about every day. And before you know it, paperwork has piled up and deadlines come knocking at your doorstep. Sounds familiar? Don’t let important operations go behind the scenes simply because you’re immersed in bigger plans. It is imperative for you to stay on top of things when it […]

Finding The Right Business Partners

Most people, when they hear the words “business partner” think of one or more individuals who help build a business from the ground up. In today’s world, though, business partners don’t necessarily have to be that involved in the process. In fact, in many respects, “business partner” refers to an individual or company to whom […]

Ingredients for Entrepreneurial Success

There is a very big difference between the number of people who dream of being an entrepreneur and those who actually take the leap and do it. That said, the former suffer from a host of issues; from a limited self-image to fearing the loss of security that comes with being an employee and receiving […]

The Extra Mile Starts With A Little Step

Everybody knows that coming up with a solid social media strategy is important for the success of their business. It’s just part of operating in the twenty first century and, after growing for about a decade, it’s clear that social media is no flash in the pan. Still, it’s easy to get caught up in […]

Showcasing Your Products In The New Millenium

Marketing, marketing, marketing. It’s at the heart of a business. Many has been the sly gal with the great product who couldn’t sell ten units because she wasn’t a marketer. And many is the mediocre product that sold like hotcakes because somebody P.T. Barnum’ed it into the stratosphere. The need to get the customer to […]

Paying Late Invoices Online

It happens to the best of us: in spite of all of our planning, somehow an invoice gets missed. However it happened, you now need to get money to someone quickly or risk potentially damaging your business reputation and your relationship with that person or company. What do you do? Quick! To the Internet! If […]