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Freebie Friday

focusedbizDo you suffer from “shiny object syndrome” ?? … That’s when you’re constantly getting new ideas and run off to start the next thing (before finishing the last)…

Do you often wonder what exactly you should be working on? Or wonder which activities are the best use of your time?

Do you want to gain focus within your business?

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This set contains 8 audios, checklists, and more to follow along with.

This set will help you figure out the Unique Selling Points of your product / service, help you figure out your target market, teach you how to brainstorm intentionally, how to avoid criticism, how to know if you should be taking on a new project, and much more!

The retail value is $69 … but you can get it at no cost!

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5 Things To Send To Your Email List

1-checklistAre you wondering if people are reading your newsletter? Or are you running out of ideas on what to send in your newsletter?

Here are some ideas on what to send to make sure your readers keep opening up your messages:

  • Tips to help them do something. For example, “15 Tips For A Healthy New Year.”
  • You can also put a new spin on the above tip and tell them how to avoid something… For example, “Warning: The Most Common Dating Mistakes to Avoid.”
  • Tell a story. Did you fail or succeed? What did you learn? Try to make it emotional, which is far more engaging.
  • Not everyone likes to read all day – so try sending a video! This can be something you created or it can be a link to a video you found on YouTube. Just make sure it’s high quality and is something your readers would enjoy.
  • Let them know about your sales. Yes, you want to deliver quality content that people can use, but if you don’t talk about your products and services, who will?

If you don’t have a newsletter yet, click here for help with getting started

If you have a newsletter, and want to learn how to grow your newsletter, click here to learn about giveaways

5 Ways To Promote Your Email Newsletter

2-ideasYou have heard many people say (including me) that newsletters are important.

But having a newsletter is only half the battle. You have to have readers to go along with it!

Need some ideas on how to promote your newsletter and get more sign-ups? Read on for some inspiration:

  1. Put a sign-up form in the sidebar of your website (preferably the upper right hand side). Have some sort of headline above the newsletter box to draw attention.
  2.  Link to it via the status updates from your  Facebook page. (do this on the page you have set up for your business, not your personal page)
  3. Use Pinterest. Post good, quality pictures that catch attention. Pinterest is very visual, and if your pictures don’t look good, no one will want to share them.
  4. Write guest posts for other people’s blogs. Give a short blurb for your website or newsletter at the bottom of the guest post.
  5. Participate in giveaways. I have an upcoming giveaway at the Big Biz Giveaway and there’s still time to join in as a partner.

You can read more about how giveaways can help you grow your list by clicking here

If you haven’t started a newsletter yet, click here for help on getting started

The Big Biz Giveaway is Coming Soon!

big-biz-giveaway-computer copy2Do you want to grow your email list this year?

I have something that will help you – The Big Biz Giveaway.

I am hosting this to help people find new business leaders, resources, tools, etc.

You can join in as a partner – at no cost. I am asking that you offer a giveaway item, such as a small report, checklist, PLR content, pre-amde graphic, etc – whatever fits into your biz.

This will be running from January 27 – February 10.

It’s free for you to join in as a partner. 

This is a great way for you to introduce your biz to lots of new people.

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“Super Sweet Deals” – Join As A Partner

SuperSweetDeals2Are you ready to increase your sales for 2014?! I have a way to help! Partner with me on my Super Sweet Deals promotion!

Super Sweet Deals will be running from February 1 – February 14.

It’s free to join in as a partner – and it’s a great way to introduce your biz to new people and find some new customers.

Super Sweet Deals will be full of $5 items. There will be business tools and resources, as well as some great gifts, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As a partner, you’ll offer your own $5 deal. I’ll include your product info and URL in the Super Sweet Deals line-up. Again, there is no cost to join as a partner.


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