Listen To Me On Book Narcs!


My friends Justin and Lindsay are the hosts of the podcast and website Book Narcs. They asked me to be a guest, and talk about some of my favorite books. I blow their minds about J.D. Salinger, specifically the Glass Family stories – and we talk about a some other books, too. Listen to my […]

3 Month Vendor Booth – Only $10


I’m offering a special deal on vendor booths in The Virtual Indie Craft Fair You can purchase a vendor booth for October, November, and December – for just $10. Your booth includes up to 5 photos and a write-up of any length. You can visit the site to see what other people have done. This […]

Fun (And FREE) Fonts


I love fonts and typography. If you’re doing any of your own web and / or graphic design, it’s important to have a variety of fonts on hand.  I admit – I’ve definitely bought a lot of fonts over the years, and it can get costly to keep adding to your font collection. Here are a […]

2013 Holiday Guide: Have You Purchased Your Ad Yet?

bow2 copy

It won’t be long – and the holidays will be here! Have you purchased your ad in the annual Holiday Guide yet? This is a pdf guide that covers all kinds of tips and recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. It will be available at no-cost on November 5. (Click Here To See Last Year’s […]

Upgrade To WordPress 3.6 – Like A Boss


Do you use WordPress? There’s been a new update – you can now upgrade to WordPress 3.6 Updating to the latest version of WordPress is always smart – as they are always releasing new featured and security updates. My friend Angela Wills of Marketer’s Mojo created a new report, Upgrade To WordPress 3.6 – Like […]

Have You Heard Of Yappem?


Have you heard of Yappem? If not, don’t worry – you’re not living under a rock.  I didn’t hear about them until last month. Yappem is a social community where you can interact with others and share your opinions. You may be thinking that you can already do that on Facebook or Twitter – but […]

Twitter Shout Outs – BlogHer Edition


I went to (and spoke at) BlogHer ’13 last month and HAD A BLAST. I met new friends, met people who had been “online friends” for years, and ran into a real-life friend who surprised me by showing up! I learned some awesome new stuff, and left inspired and motivated … but I haven’t written […]

My Business Runs On This …


My Business Runs On This … Wanna take a guess at what it is? It’s WordPress!!! It’s a must for anyone who wants to start an online business these days. I personally run my business with WordPress and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a small business owner it’s so important that you […]

Get Featured On Indie Biz Chicks


Can I feature you on I am looking for people who are interested in being spotlighted in the “Biz Profile” section of this site. It’s super simple – just answer a few questions about your biz (via Google Docs form). The questions are located here Hope to hear from you soon!

5 Ways To Market Your Biz For The Holidays

Close up of a christmas decoration

Yes, it’s July. And I’m talking about holiday marketing! We may have a while before the holidays get here, but remember that your marketing needs to be in place BEFORE the holidays actually happen! This is actually the best time to start planning your marketing strategies for the holiday season. Here are five tips to […]