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2 Years Of Marketing – DONE For You!

Monthly Marketing PlansIf you’d like to take your marketing off of your to-do list,
you need my pre-written Monthly Marketing Plans!

Each monthly marketing plan includes 30 pre-written social media updates, 10 blog post ideas, 5 sales / promo ideas, and a pre-written newsletter.

I normally charge almost $50 for one year of monthly marketing plans, but I’m running an awesome special right now, where you can get 2 years of marketing plans for only $50!

That’s a total of:
– 240 Blog Post Ideas
– 120 Sales / Promotions Ideas
– 24 Pre-Written Newsletters
– 720 Pre-Written Social Media Updates (for Facebook & Twitter)

You will receive 14 months’ of plans immediately and then you’ll receive a new plan for each remaining month of 2014.

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Wednesdays Are Miraculous!

miraclesI want to share a story with you that I earlier today on my Facebook and Instagram.

The word “Wednesday” sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? Well, in Spanish, it’s called “miercoles,” which reminds me of “miracles.” Ever since I learned that, I’ve always thought of Wednesdays as “miraculous.”

I hope you have a very miraculous day!

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170+ Reasons To Join The Big Biz Giveaway As A Partner

big-biz-giveaway-computer copy2I have some VERY good reasons on why you should join me as a partner in the next Big Biz Giveaway: 171, 122, 79, 77, 60 — that’s how many new people could be added to your list with The Big Biz Giveaway!

I had sent out an email recently to let you know my results – which was 171 new subscribers. I wanted to let you know what other people have said:

“I had a total of 122 signups so I’m pretty happy about that and registered for your next Big Biz Giveaway in April.”
– Renee Shupe, Founder & Chief Redhead

“I’m looking forward to participating in The Big Biz Giveaway again in April. For the first time running Crissy did an excellent job promoting and organizing the event. I was very pleased with the results and for a my efforts was rewarded with 79 new subscribers to my email list! I know that with the proper follow-up some of these subscribers will become new customers. Thanks so much Crissy!”
– Angela Wills, Marketers Mojo Owner and Founder

“I just wanted to let you know how successful the Big Biz Giveaway was for me. As of the final day, I had 77 people sign up for and download the blogging expert guide I provided. I couldn’t be happier with the results and will definitely be signing up as a partner for your next giveaway – not to mention telling my colleagues that they need to get in on this now!”
– Dawn Mena,

“I thoroughly enjoyed The Big Biz Giveaway and got 60 new sign ups, which I think is fantastic. I’ll most certainly join up for the April one that will coincide with a product launch of mine.”
Cherry-Ann Carew, Editor and Founder

The next Big Biz Giveaway will be running from April 7 – 21, 2014.

Click Here To Join As A Partner ($10 Registration Fee)

This is a great way to introduce your business to new people, grow your mailing list, and get some new customers!

As a partner in the Big Biz Giveaway, you will offer a product or resource for free.

This could be a small report, a checklist, some pre-made graphics, an audio, video, PLR, etc.

You will send me the info about your freebie, a graphic, and the URL to where people can sign up to receive your product.

For example: Let’s say that you are offering a no-cost report. You will create a sign-up form on YOUR website / blog. You will give me the link. I will post this information on the Big Biz Giveaway and the people who want your report will go to your site to sign up for it.

This will introduce you and your product / service to a bunch of new people and help you grow your newsletter list!

It is $10 to join in as a partner of The Big Biz Giveaway, but that price will be going up to $15 on March 1.

This fee covers the administrative work that I put into it to set it up.

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I ask also ask that you let your newsletter list know about this giveaway at least 3 times between April 7 – 21, 2014.

The deadline is March 24.

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 If you want some great info on how giveaways can help you grow your email list, tips and a checklist on what to send, a list of more giveaways like this, and more, check out my friend Angela Will’s report on Building Your List With Giveaways


Freebie Friday

focusedbizDo you suffer from “shiny object syndrome” ?? … That’s when you’re constantly getting new ideas and run off to start the next thing (before finishing the last)…

Do you often wonder what exactly you should be working on? Or wonder which activities are the best use of your time?

Do you want to gain focus within your business?

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This set contains 8 audios, checklists, and more to follow along with.

This set will help you figure out the Unique Selling Points of your product / service, help you figure out your target market, teach you how to brainstorm intentionally, how to avoid criticism, how to know if you should be taking on a new project, and much more!

The retail value is $69 … but you can get it at no cost!

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Freebie Friday Sponsor

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5 Things To Send To Your Email List

1-checklistAre you wondering if people are reading your newsletter? Or are you running out of ideas on what to send in your newsletter?

Here are some ideas on what to send to make sure your readers keep opening up your messages:

  • Tips to help them do something. For example, “15 Tips For A Healthy New Year.”
  • You can also put a new spin on the above tip and tell them how to avoid something… For example, “Warning: The Most Common Dating Mistakes to Avoid.”
  • Tell a story. Did you fail or succeed? What did you learn? Try to make it emotional, which is far more engaging.
  • Not everyone likes to read all day – so try sending a video! This can be something you created or it can be a link to a video you found on YouTube. Just make sure it’s high quality and is something your readers would enjoy.
  • Let them know about your sales. Yes, you want to deliver quality content that people can use, but if you don’t talk about your products and services, who will?

If you don’t have a newsletter yet, click here for help with getting started

If you have a newsletter, and want to learn how to grow your newsletter, click here to learn about giveaways