Get More Done In Less Time


We know there are 24 hours in a day, but do you ever have those days where you feel like you’re getting nothing accomplished? The days where it feels like every time you take 1 step forward, you have to take 2 steps back? Here are some tips on how to get MORE done with […]

Info Products 101 – Free Workbook!


I cannot say it enough … Every business owner (including YOU) should be¬†creating and selling info products! You can earn income by sharing your knowledge and helping others! Why wouldn’t you want to do that??? I know it can be scary to get started… Not to mention confusing and overwhelming … I’ve created a FREE […]

A Busy Girl’s Guide To Happy Eating


It’s the first Monday in January … This is the day that people are starting diets. If this sounds familiar … WAIT. My friend Shannon Vetere (from SkinnySometimes) has launched her first ebook today¬†(and I’m so, so proud of her, by the way) This ebook could really help you, if you are one of the […]

Free Blogging Inspiration Guide


Hey there friends! I’m challenging myself to give you an awesome freebie EVERY DAY this week! Today, I’m starting with my Brand New Blogging Inspiration Guide Here’s a sneak peek: Here’s some more info on what you’ll receive inside: Blog Post Ideas Printable Monthly Blog Planner Blogging Tips You can get this guide at no-cost […]

Sweet Treat


Confession: I have a sweet tooth. And it’s super easy to sit at the computer and snack on candy, while you’re working, isn’t it? But we all know that isn’t the best thing to do …. I have a solution! This Healthy, Homemade Chocolate Bark … and it tastes like an Almond Joy! And yes, […]