Have You Heard Of Yappem?


Have you heard of Yappem? If not, don’t worry – you’re not living under a rock. ¬†I didn’t hear about them until last month. Yappem is a social community where you can interact with others and share your opinions. You may be thinking that you can already do that on Facebook or Twitter – but […]

Twitter Shout Outs – BlogHer Edition


I went to (and spoke at) BlogHer ’13 last month and HAD A BLAST. I met new friends, met people who had been “online friends” for years, and ran into a real-life friend who surprised me by showing up! I learned some awesome new stuff, and left inspired and motivated … but I haven’t written […]

My Business Runs On This …


My Business Runs On This … Wanna take a guess at what it is? It’s WordPress!!! It’s a must for anyone who wants to start an online business these days. I personally run my business with WordPress and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a small business owner it’s so important that you […]

Get Featured On Indie Biz Chicks


Can I feature you on IndieBizChicks.com? I am looking for people who are interested in being spotlighted in the “Biz Profile” section of this site. It’s super simple – just answer a few questions about your biz (via Google Docs form). The questions are located here Hope to hear from you soon!

5 Ways To Market Your Biz For The Holidays

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Yes, it’s July. And I’m talking about holiday marketing! We may have a while before the holidays get here, but remember that your marketing needs to be in place BEFORE the holidays actually happen! This is actually the best time to start planning your marketing strategies for the holiday season. Here are five tips to […]

Free Download – Solopreneurs Are Smarter Book


Do you run a one-person business from home? If you said “yes,” then you are a Solopreneur. If you’re looking for some biz tips and some motivation, check out Solopreneurs Are Smarter. Kelly McCausey of SoloSmarts filled this book with advice from many solopreneurs. You’ll be able to relate to their stories and learn from […]

Paisley Update


My niece Paisley is now 8 and a half months old. On one hand, it seems like I wrote her birth announcement post just yesterday. On the other hand, it seems like she’s been with us much longer. She can now say “Dada” and likes to babble and laugh. She loves taking baths and even […]

Last Chance To Get The “Start A Service Based Biz” Workbook Set

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Could you use some extra money each month? How would you like to earn $500 each month – by freelancing? If you could work 5 hours a week each month, you’d have that extra $500. (By charging $25 per hour, and working on average 5 hours per week) There are business owners who are looking […]

Last Chance – Working With Brands

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The ¬†Working With Brands workbook set will be increasing from $25 to $35 on July 7. This is an 8pc set that will teach you how to work with brands on things such as giveaways, reviews, and more. I’ve personally worked with top brands such as MSN, Microsoft, Chevy, and more. I’ve been given lots […]

Don’t Wait For The Holidays!

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I know that we have quite a few months before the Holiday Season gets here – but this is the time to start thinking about your marketing! Many magazines and blogs put together gift guides – but the deadlines are coming up fast! Plus – if you wait to plan your holiday marketing, you can […]