How To Create Recurring Revenue In Your Business

I have something exciting to talk about today: Recurring Revenue!

Many business owners start from “zero” each month. They have to get new clients, sell new products and services, etc, in order to make money each month.

It’s stressful to start each month at zero and know you have to work, work, work to earn $2,000 or $5,000 or however much you need to make ends meet.

A smarter – and less stressful strategy – is to create Recurring Revenue.

Luckily, this business model is becoming VERY popular right now, and you can easily use this in your own business!

For example – have you ever heard of Birchbox, the monthly make-up delivery? Or Naturebox, the monthly box of healthy snacks? Or Barkbox, the monthly delivery of dog snacks and products?

The list goes on and on! People are signing up for these monthly subscriptions left and right! It’s easy, convenient, and it creates Recurring Revenue for all of these companies.

Now, let’s talk about how YOU can do this in your own business!

Do you sell physical products? You can create your own monthly box of goods!

OR you can collaborate with others and include their products in your monthly box subscription.

Are you a graphic designer, virtual assistant, or other service business owner? Create recurring revenue by selling your services on a monthly retainer.

You can also create a monthly membership program for ebooks, audios, videos, or other information products!

I am starting a Membership & Recurring Revenue Challenge!

I will help you create Recurring Revenue in your business within the next 30 days!

Here’s what you get when you join:
– A workbook – Creating Recurring Revenue In The Next 30 Days
– 30+ Ideas for creating recurring revenue
– A to-do list and calendar to keep you on track
– Checklists
– ***Bonus workbook on how to promote your recurring revenue programs
– Private Facebook Group – where you can get answers to your questions and feedback from myself and other challenge participanats
– 2 Live Group Coaching Calls (they will be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make it live)
– Private Email Coaching With Me + Homework Assignments To Keep You Focused On Your Goals

This challenge starts on February 5th!

You can join in and receive ALL of the above for only $49 (this price will be jumping up to $69 on February 1)

Click Here To Purchase


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