IndieBizChicks Podcast Episode 38: Kickstarter Success Stories

We are going to kick off a Kickstart Success Stories series today! . If you haven’t heard of KickStarter, it is a crowdfunding website where you can submit an idea for a creative project, and other people can donate to it (aka “fund” it.)

In this episode, I’m interviewing Jon Fawcett. He has an amazing story – and some very good tips. His Kickstarter project (The Une Bobine) is still in the funding period, but he and his team, at Fawcett Design, have already raised over $120,000. Yeah. Over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! (the project is also a finalist for The William McShane Fund; learn more and vote here!)

How awesome is that?

Some tips you’ll hear on this episode: Schedule your project to start the funding period a couple of weeks after your approval, giving you time to get some press releases out and get a jump start on your marketing.

(need some help with press releases? try these pre-written ones!)

Okay – enough small talk…. Listen to the podcast!


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We’ll continue to talk about Kickstart Success Stories next week – including a fiber artist and a novelist! Stay tuned for that episode!

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