How To Start
A Service Based Business

Do you have a business where you sell products? Do you struggle with fluctuating income? One way to even out your income  is to start offering services.

Do you have a day job, but daydream about freelancing? By starting a service based business, you’ll turn that daydream into reality.

There are many business owners out there that need your services and expertise. You can easily add on an extra $500 or more to your monthly income by freelancing a few hours per week.

Here is a sample break down of how I got that number:

$25 per hour x 20 hours = $500 extra per month

20 hours per month / 4 weeks = Working an extra 5 hours per week

Conclusion:  If you can work an extra 5 hours per week, you can earn an extra $500 or more per week!

It is very common for freelancers to make $25 or more per hour at the following types of jobs:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Marketing / Social Media Manager
  • Graphic Design
  • Web / Blog Design
  • Ghostwriter
  • And More!

I know that the idea of starting a service based business can be daunting , a bit confusing – and even intimidating.

Lots of questions can pop up in your head such as “Where do I start?” … “How will I find clients” … “What services will they want?” … “How much should I charge?” … and, of course, “Can I really make money with this?”

That is why I created my new “Start A Service Based Business” Workshop!

This is a 6 week workshop, beginning on April 8.

  • You’ll be getting weekly workbooks, worksheets, and homework assignments from me. When you turn your assignment into me, you’ll get direct feedback.
  • This will keep you on track and make sure you that you understand all of the materials.
  • We’ll also have 3 group coaching calls at 9pm Eastern on April 8, April 22, and May 17.
  • You’ll also have one private 20 minute coaching call with me during the workshop.

This is a TON of coaching and personal guidance.

This is what I want you to think about: I have been earning regular income online by working with clients since 2006. That’s almost 10 years. I know how to find clients, I know what services people are looking for. I know how to price your work.

If you are serious about your business and want to quit your day job, let me help you!!!

There are many coaches out there who charge hundreds of dollars per session. I’m not going to do that to you.

The normal price of this workshop will be $99, but if you order before March 20, you’ll only pay $75.

My goal is for you to have started a service based business and to find a client by the end of the workshop.

Click Here To Purchase Now For One Payment Of $75

Click Here To Purchase Now For Two Payments Of $40

This special offer ends soon; the price will go up to $99 on April 1