• Generating Start-Up Cash

    Okay – you have an idea for a business and are ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to work…. The only think you lack is a little lump sum of cash to get started.

    There are various ways to generate start up cash and depending on the amount you need, you may not have to do a whole lot to accomplish it. On the other hand, if you need a bigger amount of cash, you can try several of the ideas listed here.

    • Have a yard sale or sell items on eBay or other auction type sites (ask your family and friends to donate some unused items to your “fund”)
    • Research and apply for federal and local grants – you never know, you may qualify for one
    • There are lots of alternatives to the “2nd job,” such as doing small jobs and running errands for people you know locally. You can also turn to the internet and find some service based jobs in areas such as virtual assistance, writing, graphic and web design, etc.
    • Cut back on unnecessary expenses.. a couple months without cable and gourmet coffee can add up to a nice chunk of cash
    • Barter services or products with other business owners to get the things you need to get your business off the ground.
    • Find someone to partner with to help cut down expenses.
    • Visit the small business administration at for more ideas


    These are just a few examples… Just start brainstorming and keep consulting the “Google-verse” and you’ll find some cool ways to earn some cash for your business venture.

  • Forming an idea is only half of it….

    Starting a new business is never easy (and anyone who tells you it is lying). First, you have to decide what type of business to start, and then you have to find the money to make it happen.

    Some people will need more $$ than others, that all depends on the type of business you start.  Someone who is starting a service based business such as web design, and already has all the software they need can just  plop down $9 for a domain and $9 for hosting and they’re ready to set up their site and be in business…Other people aren’t so lucky…

    If you’re in that 2nd boat and need to start generating some extra cash, check out this article I put up today: Generating Start Up Cash.

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  • check out my handy work……

    Well, I must say that I am very proud of myself…. A few months ago I had no CSS or PHP skills whatsoever. I barely knew what I was doing in the first part of September. But look at me go now! I am really proud of the customization job I did on this blog. I haven’t had a lot of time to post because I was working so hard on making it pretty. Well, now it’s pretty so I need to get busy with the writing.

  • Trent’s Mohawk

    My sister took her 3 year old son to the dentist today. Afterward, she asked him what he wanted to do. He told her he wanted a mohawk, and so she went to see our friend Andee (who is also a stylist), and my nephew Trent got a mohawk, finished off with green gel for added oomph.

    And that makes me smile. He’s 3, he knows what he thinks is cool, and he is not afraid to show off his style.  He may not think green mohawks are cool forever, but right now he is all about “skateboarding and being punk rock”.

    I hope you can take a moment and remember back to when you were young and were sure you had all the answers… Who knows? Maybe it’ll help you get back to who you really want to be.

  • Happy Birthday, Mom

    Today is my mom’s birthday! It is women like my mom, who inspire me to help others. I’m up in Alaska, so I can’t be there – but I’m thinking of you and I love you, Mom! I’ll see ya soon!

  • Happy Birthday, Lasy!

    Today is my sister Lasy’s birthday. She is such an inspiration to me. She’s a single mom and she works very, very hard. She’s a great mom, too.

    By the way, Lasy – I can’t believe you’re 27!