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Podcast Episode 003 – Business Myths vs Business Realities

This is a good episode! It was inspired by a real life conversation I had recently with my friend, Bethany Nixon of We had met up for dinner and drinks, and Beth had mentioned a podcast she had listened to recently, where the host gave out some...

Podcast Episode 002 – My Biz Story + Creating Your Vision

I am proud to announce that The Indie Biz Chicks Podcast Is BACK! I first started a podcast shortly after I started this website (TEN years ago!) but I let the podcast fall by the wayside (it happens!) I missed the podcast -- so I brought it back! You can listen with...

Money Mindset – Planning For Your Future

Once you’ve developed confidence in your healthy money mindset, it’s time to start thinking of the future. If you don’t plan for your financial future, you could end up suffering later on in life. For example if you fail to plan for retirement, you may not be able to...



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