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For Women Who'd Rather Work For Themselves, Than Work For The Man.

Hi. I'm Crissy, the founder of I started this website in 2007 to help modern entrepreneurs with their biz & marketing strategies. If you'd rather work for yourself, than work for the man, I'm here to help you make it happen!

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I've put this collection of resources together to help you get more done in your business. You can download all of them for FREE!

12 Free Social Media Graphics

Need help with social media? Use these graphics with quotes as your own! Perfectly sized for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Free Planner / Workbook Template

Use this template to create workbooks and planners that you can easily turn into awesome lead magnets!

10 Free Social Media Post Templates

Your social media is going to get A LOT easier with these templates! Just fill in the blanks and you're done!

Free Content Brainstorming Worksheet

Content is KEY to having a successful online biz! Whether it's blog posts, videos, or podcasts, this worksheet planner will help you brainstorm ideas and organize them.

Recent Blog Posts

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Free Workbook - Learn all about
email marketing

Email Marketing is your best marketing tool! This guide covers the basics and more! Learn how to start growing your list, and what to send to your list, and how often to send it.

Free Workbook - Working With Brands & Sponsors

Working with brands and sponsors can help your business in many ways! It can help you grow your list, grow your income, and give you lots of opportunities you wouldn't normally have. This free workbook will explain how to get started!

What Others Say


"Crissy helped me create a strategy for my business while providing the resources I needed to succeed. I love working with Crissy since she truly gets online marketing!"



"Crissy's experience in online marketing helped me to quickly clarify my goals. Her knowledge of the many services and systems available for online marketing was extremely helpful in sorting out all the options. I learned something in each and every one of our calls and I'd highly recommend Crissy's coaching program."

Marjie Kemper


"Crissy is very knowledgeable about how to identify niches and how to use technology to maximize your exposure. Her knowledge of products and trends is awesome!!"

Lorraine Forsyth

You're The Only One That Can Change Your Life

Dream Big. Then, make the changes & do the work
that will make your dreams come true. I'm here to help you. Are you ready?

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Earning Passive Income By Creating
Digital Products

Creating digital products will allow you to scale your biz and start earning income 24/7. You can wake up to money in your inbox. Get This Guide Here


Creating Sales Funnels In Your Business

A sales funnel will help you market your business and make more sales. A sales funnel will automate the tasks - freeing up your time. Get This Guide Here


how to write IRRESISTIBLE sales pages

Copywriting is a skill you need. The good news is that you can improve it.  When you write better copy - you'll get more sales.
Get This Guide Here 

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