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Earning Money With Affiliate Programs + Blogging

Blogging is one way that people make their presence known on the Internet.What started out as simple, online journals in the 90s have become a phenomenon! One way to monetize your blog is through affiliate programs. This type of program is great for a blog. Affiliate programs are everywhere now. They range from pay-per-click to

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De-Clutter Your Website & Blog

When you think of de-cluttering, you probably think of cleaning the clutter in your home — but let’s talk about taking care of some digital clutter. Specifically – let’s talk about your website and blog!  Those things need to get freshened up, too! Here are a few things to consider: Links – Linking to other sites

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Gaining Traffic From Social Media

Social media is all the rage. Business owners are smart to tap into these tools to drive traffic to their sites, yet many are missing the mark. Here are some tips: 1. Offer insight about your industry. When you’re online at your social networking site of choice it’s absolutely important to participate, but how you

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Hi. I’m Crissy, the founder of
I started this site in 2007, because I wanted the flexibility to live and work where I wanted. I was living in Alaska at the time (long story) and wanted to move back to Michigan.  I was able to do that in less than a year after starting my site, and I’ve been supporting myself since. Now – I’m teaching you how to create the business and life that YOU want!

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