Steps To Become A Better Decision Maker


Being a good decision maker can help you in business and life. It’s been said that highly confident people make decisions clearly and stick to them rather than changing their minds or being indecisive. And even if decision making doesn’t come naturally to you, it is a skill which can be built on. Here are […]

Do You See The Big Picture In Your Business?


Seeing the “big” picture in your business is important. Many entrepreneurs have stated that had they looked at the small details in their business they may not have started the business in the first place. This is because many of us get bogged down by all the small details and often it can put us […]

Choose The Right Words To Increase Your Sales


As a business owner, you are offering  products or services that will add quality to your customers’ lives. The problem is that if the competition is saying the same thing, what will make them choose you? This is where your wording comes into play. Have you ever read a book where the words on the page helped […]

Creating A Productive Home Office Space


You spend a lot of time in your office. It should be that this space is not only inviting but also energizing and creative. Here are some quick and easy tips: De-clutter often. The less cluttered your environment, the better the overall energy flow. Keep your office space tidy and neat. If you don’t need […]

5 Ways To Market Your Business With Videos


Do you ever watch shopping channels such as QVC or HSN? Have you ever got sucked into one of those infomercials and thought “Wow! I need to buy this!” And I know you’ve absolutely seen many, many commercials while watching TV over the years. Video is a great way to market your business. And thanks to […]