Spring Promo Ideas


Do you need some inspiration for Spring-themed sales and promotions? Here are some ideas for you: Spring Fever Sale – People are sick of winter and ready for Spring! Do you have any items that can help people get ready for Spring? Whether it’s new clothes & accessories or something that can help people Spring […]

Market Your Craft Biz… Without Going Broke


Advertising your business can be expensive. But you have to get the word out about your products and services, right? Thankfully, there are ways to market your business for free and low-cost! I have a package of 11 tools and resources to teach you all of these things and more: – Learn how to market […]

Failure Is Not Fatal


Are you letting a fear of failure hold you back? Remember, failure is not fatal. Try something new! If it doesn’t work out the way you think it will, that’s okay. It might work out better … Or it might give you an even better idea. No matter what, it WILL teach you something. Don’t […]

Sometimes You Have To Go On The Road

Sometimes You Have to Go on the Road According to an article in Inc.com one of the biggest reasons women enjoy business travel is that they love having someone else take care of them. Typically in charge of everything at home, these women love staying in hotels and having someone else do the cooking and […]

2 Years Of Marketing – DONE For You!

Monthly Marketing Plans

If you’d like to take your marketing off of your to-do list, you need my pre-written Monthly Marketing Plans! Each monthly marketing plan includes 30 pre-written social media updates, 10 blog post ideas, 5 sales / promo ideas, and a pre-written newsletter. I normally charge almost $50 for one year of monthly marketing plans, but […]

Does Your Business Need A Kick In The Pants?


Do you need some direction in your biz? Are you wondering what steps to take to get you from where you are to where you want to be? I’m here to send you in the right direction – with a good old fashioned kick in the pants. But, I mean that in the BEST way […]

Wednesdays Are Miraculous!


I want to share a story with you that I earlier today on my Facebook and Instagram. The word “Wednesday” sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? Well, in Spanish, it’s called “miercoles,” which reminds me of “miracles.” Ever since I learned that, I’ve always thought of Wednesdays as “miraculous.” I hope you have a very miraculous […]

170+ Reasons To Join The Big Biz Giveaway As A Partner

big-biz-giveaway-computer copy2

I have some VERY good reasons on why you should join me as a partner in the next Big Biz Giveaway: 171, 122, 79, 77, 60 — that’s how many new people could be added to your list with The Big Biz Giveaway! I had sent out an email recently to let you know my […]

I Want To Win B-School!


I want to win a scholarship to B-School with Marie Forleo. It’s an “online business school for modern entrepreneurs.” The following video is my scholarship entry. It was a big jump out of my comfort zone to make this video – but that’s how much I want to win!  Can you please go to it’s YouTube […]

How To Create Recurring Revenue In Your Business

Creating Recurring Revenue Within Your Business

I have something exciting to talk about today: Recurring Revenue! Many business owners start from “zero” each month. They have to get new clients, sell new products and services, etc, in order to make money each month. It’s stressful to start each month at zero and know you have to work, work, work to earn […]