$10 Flash Sale – Social Media Workbook + Planner

It’s time for another $10 Friday Flash Sale – and this week, I have a brand new Social Media Planning Workbook + Calendar for you! A good social media plan includes: Timely content you create (your blog, videos, podcasts, etc) Archived content that still has value to your visitors (and you) Other people’s content Inspirational […]

My Favorite Tool For Creating eCover Graphics


eCover Graphics, like the ones above, are an essential tool for your online biz. You can add them to your sales pages, product descriptions, and use them on social media as a way to represent your virtual products, such as ebooks, online courses, webinars, etc. The software that I’ve been using to create the above […]

Become A Blogtober Sponsor


October will be here before we know it… I will be offering a no-cost blogging workshop & program during October (Blogtober!) and am looking for sponsors! I will be promoting this to my newsletter list and social media, which is a combined following of over 13,000. I will also be creating a special Kindle book […]

Design Tips And Ideas For Exhibition Stands


When it comes to exhibitions, the stands that stand out most are always the ones with something different about their design. The plain and dull stands blend in with every other stall at the event, but the unique ones will get noticed. It can often be hard coming up with a fantastic design idea for […]

When DIY Isn’t The Best Option

  You know I love – and promote – being able to do things yourself,  but sometimes, you just have to call the experts. (And there’s no shame in that! You can’t handle everything by yourself! No one expects you to!) Here are some situations where you may need to call in re-enforcements.  But before you […]