Blog Makeover Special


  My day has been very eventful so far .. click here to read about how my alternator died while I was picking my nephew up from his school! To help cover the costs of the car repair, I am running two specials – you can read about my “New Alternator” special here, which includes […]

“New Alternator” Special


I have had quite the morning! It started out like any other day… But, when I got in my car this morning, my battery warning light was on. I thought I’d be able to take my  niece to her toddler / pre-school class and be able to go get a new battery. Well, as soon as […]

Get Your All-Access Pass!


There are many pieces to the “online business” puzzle… Getting started can be difficult – but learning to maintain your business and become successful in the long-term is a struggle on it’s own. You may learn one piece of the puzzle, but you need to know and understand how all the pieces fit together to […]

Partner Up In The December Big Biz Giveaway


Let me help you grow your mailing list! The December Big Biz Giveaway will run from December 17 – December 31. This is a time when people are ready to take charge and make changes in their lives, setting lots of goals for the New Year. Many of these goals are about their business! If […]

Join The Blogtober Challenge


This is going to be a FUN way for you to challenge yourself and get your blog in great shape! Each week in October, you’ll receive video tutorials and training, PLUS  daily blogging tips and  prompts, plus a weekly challenge. The prompts will give you plenty of ideas to blog about, the tips will help you […]

How To Make An Extra $1,000 Per Month


I have a question for you: How would you like to make an extra $1,000 this month? Would making an extra $1,000 by the middle of November help you cover the costs of the upcoming holiday season? Would making an extra $1,000 a month on a regular basis throughout 2015 help you get rid of some […]

5 Things To Blog About This Fall


  When it comes to blogging, nothing is worse than staring at a blank computer screen, with no ideas of what to write about. If that sounds familiar, here are 5 ideas to get you writing: 1) What are you looking forward to as the season changes to Fall? 2) Post some ideas for outdoor […]

5 Ways To Market Your Business For Fall


Need some ideas on how to market your business this Fall? Here are 5 ideas for promotions and sales: 1) National Coupon Month – It’s National Coupon Month. Create a coupon code for your readers and choose a couple of days in September to celebrate Coupon month! 2) “Back To School” Contest – Have your […]