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Start Growing Your List.

Email Marketing is hands down, the #1 BEST way to market your biz. If you’re not growing your list, you are missing out on creating relationships with life-long loyal customers. In this FREE workbook, I explain how to get get started with email marketing – and what to send to your list after they sign up.

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For Women Who’d Rather Work For Themselves, Than Work For The Man.

If you want to start, grow, or market your business online, you are in the RIGHT PLACE! 
You CAN have a business you love with LOTS of time freedom to live the life you want. 
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I’ve created LOTS of resources that will help you get you biz going and growing! You can download these at no cost.

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My podcast episodes are mini-trainings, full of actionable advice. Let’s “hang out” together and work on your biz!

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My blog is FULL of tips, strategies, and ideas. I give you the “how-to” to make things happen in your business!

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I’ve got workshops, workbooks, planners, templates, and more to help you! Whether you’re just getting started and need to learn the basics, or if you are ready to scale, I’ve got the tools you need to succeed! Here are a few featured items:

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in case we haven’t met:

Hi, I’m Crissy.

I started IndieBizChicks.com in 2007, to give women the inspiration and know-how to market their businesses online.  I have been able to work around my family, help my sister out with my niece and nephews, and live the life I want, without asking a boss for permission. I want to help you do the same!

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free workbook

Start Growing Your List.

If you want to be successful, not having an email list is NOT an option. Social Media is great, but you do not own your social media profiles. Those sites can be shut down, or you can lose access to your accounts. Download this FREE WORKBOOK to learn how to start & grow your email list – and what to send to people after they join your list.

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“Share success stories of your client to showcase how great your product or service is without you having to sell it.”

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Crissy Herron is the founder of Indie Biz Chicks. She is the self-described "World's Best Aunt," loves Motion City Soundtrack, is awesome in the kitchen, and is a proud resident of The Mitten State. (that's Michigan, by the way.) And, oh yeah, she used to live in Alaska. (she likes the cold.)

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