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What happens when Angela Wills, Kelly McCausey and a whole lot of other Amazing Business Owners get together to help a friend? Well, you're about to find out...

Crissy Herron, the power house behind Indie Biz Chicks is a Solopreneur success story - having built up her online income years ago, she was able to say goodbye to the day job and embrace a lifestyle that allows her to be close to family, even being a supportive caregiver for her nieces and nephews.

It was just terrible over the holiday season to hear that Crissy's Mom had to be hospitalized for pneumonia. Even though she was in and out of the ICU, since she was so young (only 60), we all expected to hear nothing but good news about her recovery - and for a while, it looked like that would happen.  Sadly, she took a turn for the worse and before we knew it, she was gone.

It broke our hearts! We know how close Crissy was to her mom and having the loss in the midst of the holidays was just awful to think about.

We reached out to her and asked if we could do something to help keep her business rolling while she focused on the needs of her family.  Of course she said yes and soon after this Bundle started to take shape.

The Great Big Life & Biz Bundle!

We fell in love with this name because it celebrates life - and life is WORTH celebrating, amen? It also celebrates business - just perfect!

When you buy this Bundle, you're getting access to every full version product included.  All you have to do is claim it, either with a special coupon code or by simply providing an email address for deliver.  It's super easy AND every Bundle Purchase is going to help build momentum for Crissy's business - giving her a booster shot of Love & Support!

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The Great Big Life & Biz Bundle

The Kindle Challenge

Did you realize that writing Kindle books can help you promote your business, grow your mailing list, and earn extra income through Amazon? The Kindle Challenge is a self-study workshop, that will guide you step-by-step through writing and selling your Kindle book.

This is valued at $27 and is offered by Crissy Herron of Indie Biz Chicks, the website "for women who'd rather work for themselves, than work for the man." Crissy helps women grow and market their businesses online.

3 Day Momentum Intensive

Join me for a special Three Day Momentum Intensive designed to reset the way you think and act. We’ll meet in my web conference room for three consecutive days where I’ll deliver a three part series I’ve crafted to make your currently cozy comfort zone the most uncomfortable place on earth!

This is valued at $97 and is offered by Kelly McCausey of Solo Smarts. Kelly has been making money online doing the things she loves since 2002. Kelly is blogging and podcasting over at SoloSmarts.com where she's been on a mission to prove that
business should serve life, not the other way around.

Business Graphics Class

Every online business needs graphics! In this training you'll learn some beginner techniques and tips to create graphics that get clicks. This is for business owners, not graphic artists. You'll also get a big resource list of low-cost and no-cost graphics resources.

This product is valued at $97 and is offered by Angela Wills of Laptop Lifestyle Blogger. Angela’s mission is to “help women entrepreneurs use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom”.

The Ultimate VA Business Planning Blueprint

The Ultimate VA Business Planning Blueprint is a fabulous tool for service-based business owners to help you plan, work towards and reach your goals. This isn’t a fancy planner or complicated thing-a-majig. It’s a system. It’s all spelled out for you with checklists and worksheets so you’ll know exactly what to do.

This product retails for $37, and is offered by Alicia Jay, owner of New VA Advice where Alicia offers business, marketing and mindset coaching to help virtual assistants get out of overwhelm and create a business that they love!

Outsourcing Kickstart Bundle

Time-tracking worksheets and advice to help you decide what to outsource and to whom, plus 34 customizable checklists to share with your VA to ensure efficient work and consistent results.

This product retails for $29, and is offered by Cindy Bidar, of Digital Business Managers. Cindy has been solving tech problems and helping build online businesses since 2010. She enjoys digging in behind the scenes to integrate software and improve the customer experience.


Looking Good to Feel Good - PLR Pack

Looking Good to Feel Good - PLR - Use this PLR pack to educate your readers on how to look younger, feel better & boost confidence by using the report to give away to build a list, or even sell it as your own ebook.

This product retails for $19, and is offered by Sue Fleckenstein of Buy PLR Today.  Sue began working online offering freelance writing services. She then found PLR and switched to writing her own products and now has a successful business that produces a full time income.

Newsletter Starter Kit: Create Your Stay In Touch System For Building Relationships And Growing Your Business

Just getting started with your newsletter? For Business Owners (And Virtual Support Professionals Assisting Clients), The Newsletter Starter Kit contains 3 checklists, 5 templates and 7 cheatsheets for the creation and set up of your newsletter, getting organized around a schedule, statistics tracking and the ongoing management of your newsletter.

This product has a retail value of $37, and is offered by Jennifer Hazlett of Alt Admin. As a Certified Online Business Manager, Jennifer loves her role of "right hand" to her clients, managing the work and the team to get stuff done to support business growth.



Google Analytics Client Care Kit

Learn how to offer Google Analytics services to help your clients increase their website traffic and grow their business (and yours too!).
-  Google Analytics Training Manual (35 pages...includes the top 8 Google Analytics reports to use)
-  Google Analytics Client Intake Form
-  Google Analytics Services Wording Template
-  Google Analytics Checklist

This product retails for $27 and is offered by Tanya Bryant of Star VA, where she offers training, resources and community to help other Virtual Assistants better serve their clients and grow their businesses



28 Day Fit and Healthy Jumpstart

Does the word “diet” make you cringe? Are you ready to lose weight for real and keep it off? Do you want to lose weight the easy way without sacrificing your health or food flavor?
This groundbreaking program is evolving the way women view weight loss. In fact, it is a revolutionary way to achieve weight loss while regaining your health and your self-confidence.

This product retails for $27, and is offered by Kathleen Calwell of KathleenCalwell.com.  As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach,Kathleen loves helping women ages 50-70 lose weight using whole, delicious foods and proven tools and steps that get results!



CreateSpace Intensive

Most self-published books can be spotted a mile away, because of the lack of a few “best practice” design elements. This training will show you everything you need to know to easily create beautiful self-published print books using Microsoft Word and the CreateSpace print-on-demand platform.

This product retails for $39.95, and is offered by Teresa Miller of Free Style Author. Teresa has enjoyed helping authors and entrepreneurs self-publish with creativity and purpose since early 2010. Your book is inside of you and Teresa can help you get it out to the world. She believes creativity is in every one of us and devotes herself to helping authors-to-be find their inspiration.

Mom Webs Bundle Bonus: Free First Month of Multi Domain Hosting (Value $10)

Take advantage of our free month offer and enjoy our famed free move in service at the same time.  A Multi Domain Hosting comes with a WHM Panel that lets you give each domain it's own secure Cpanel.

Your free month is valued at $10, and is offered by Mom Webs Hosting.

This hosting company is co-owned by Kelly McCausey (one of the hosts of this sale), and is also the host of choice of Crissy Herron and Angela Wills (the other hosts of this sale)!

Master PLR $20 Discount Coupon

You will receive a $20 discount coupon to go shopping for high quality PLR from Master PLR! It can be used to purchase any of their health PLR products.

Master PLR is owned by a husband and wife team who have been online since 2007. They are committed to providing high quality services and PLR content and are there to help you!

Party Plan Magazine - Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to ALL digital issues of Party Plan Magazine, Past and Future! Contributors include: Susie Nelson, Barb Girson, Karen Clark, Deb Bixler, Gale  Bates, Becky Spieth, Steve Taubman, Mary-Anne Parker, Michelle Withers, Ro Shales, Desiree Wolfe, Mary McLoughlin, Jenny Bywater, Beth Jones-Schall, Christine Strong, Jesse Belvin, and more.

This product has a value of $72, and is offered by Kristina Cottrell & Marilyn Tenney of Party Plan Magazine, a full color digital magazine with Direct Sales/Home Party Consultants in mind! We have been publishing since 2014!

Party Plan Magazine - Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to ALL digital issues of Party Plan Magazine, Past and Future! Contributors include: Susie Nelson, Barb Girson, Karen Clark, Deb Bixler, Gale  Bates, Becky Spieth, Steve Taubman, Mary-Anne Parker, Michelle Withers, Ro Shales, Desiree Wolfe, Mary McLoughlin, Jenny Bywater, Beth Jones-Schall, Christine Strong, Jesse Belvin, and more.

This product has a value of $72, and is offered by Kristina Cottrell & Marilyn Tenney of Party Plan Magazine, a full color digital magazine with Direct Sales/Home Party Consultants in mind! We have been publishing since 2014!

Above & Beyond Customer Service: Turn Your Customers Into Brand Evangelists

Customizable Content - Includes Five Blog Posts, 10 Social Graphics & A Printable Workbook with full PLR Rights. Topics: Using Follow Up Emails and Autoresponders; Making New Customer Phone Calls; Using Postcards and Send Out Cards; Membership Conservation Efforts; Invite Participation.

This is valued at $27 and is offered by Kelly McCausey and Samantha Angel of White Label Perks, who deliver Customizable Content designed to build your mailing list with Social Content.

Get Visible On Facebook For Free - And Attract Your Ideal Clients

Be known in groups with thousands of members as the go to person in your field. Have people referring to you as the expert in your field. Connect with your potential clients without spending a penny of Facebook Ads. This training will show you how (No blackhat or spam techniques!)

This product is valued at $29.99 and is offered by Jo Ebisujima. Jo helps entrepreneur moms using the kaizen framework to get their shiz together so they can spend more time with their family and make more money with their business.

Outsourcing for Podcasters

Want a rockstar podcast but what to look before you leap? This Digital Delegation Guide explains the basics of podcasting. You'll get a roadmap on how to craft your podcast and what to outsource along with a Resource List to save you time and money.

This product is valued at $55 and is offered by Dina Lynch-Eisenberg of Outsource Easier.
Hard work is inevitable but overwhelm is optional. Award-winning Entrepreneur, Dina Lynch Eisenberg JD teaches you how to delegate effectively, manage your emotions and work well with your team to grow better faster.

60 Second Video Rockstar 7 Day Challege

Using video in your marketing strategy can no longer be ignored. Grab your seat in this 7 Day Challenge to learn how to create SIMPLE videos that are EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE THAN WEBINARS. You'll embrace your FEARLESS FACTOR, engage your audience and compel them to become loyal buyers without you becoming a schmoozy salesperson.

This is valued at $97 and is offered by Naja Hayward. Naja is a Business Strategist, speaker and award winning coach to women on the rise. Using her 20+ years of working in corporate America, starting successful businesses and incorporating some serious life experience, Naja supports her clients to gain more clarity, get more clients and make more cash in their business to support their desired life.

Find Your Ideal Virtual Assistant

Finding the right virtual assistant for your business needs can be tricky. It really takes time and planning to ensure you connect with the perfect person for you. This 5-part mini-course takes you through the steps to finding your ideal virtual assistant. You save time, money and the headache of working with the wrong one.

This product is valued at $97, and is offered by Tracey Osborne. Tracey is known as The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon. As an accomplished Virtual Assistant of almost a decade, Tracey specializes in all things strategic: Online Business Management,  launches, funnels and telesummits. Using her decade's worth of experience, Tracey teaches women how to build a lucrative business as a virtual professional.

BONUS -- Advanced Strategies For Getting More Clients

Have your current tactics and efforts plateaued so that you’re no longer receiving the same growth from them? Then it’s time to employ some advanced strategies to find clients for your virtual assistant business.

This is valued at $9.97 and is offered by Yolanda Crowley.  Yolanda works with aspiring virtual assistants, helping them build a thriving business and become a valuable asset to their clients. She helps them save the time and frustration of of starting a business and offers strategies to find new clients along with networking advice.

Sugar Repair: 6 Week Program

In  weeks, not only do we address the physical addiction to sugar, but we’ll thoroughly work through your emotional addiction to sugar (the true root of the issue).

With this completely holistic program you’ll have all your bases covered so that you can be truly successful in cultivating a healthy lifestyle and a body you love.

Each week comes with it's own meal plan, grocery shopping list, an omnivore recipe book, a vegetarian recipe book, a module with additional trainings to learn more about sugar cravings, and a private Facebook Group of powerful people on their way to amazing health to connect with for support.

This is valued at $127, and is offered by Ana-Maria Janes.  Ana-Maria is a Holistic Nutritionist, and helps busy moms break free of their sugar cravings by teaching a habbit-based approach to health so that they can save time, lose weight, feel energized, and love their bodies again.

Money Manifestation Simplified

Manifesting money is easier than you think!  This training gives you a simple and effective process to manifest all the money you need.  You'll learn what to do and say to manifest money easily and effortlessly.

This is valued at $20 and is offered by Sarah Anderson of Expand Your Heart. Sarah Anderson is the authority that spiritual and visionary entrepreneurs depend on to help them transform their services into digital and physical products. She empowers you to build an empire instead of a business!

Get Happy Now Toolkit

Your Happiness Affects Your Success! Studies show that your happiness quotient is directly related to your business and your bottom-line! Its true - happier people make more money, attract more clients and create more lucrative business opportunities. Get Happy and increase the odds of your success!

This is valued at $114 and is offered by Jennifer Dunham of Happiness Matters. Jennifer is on a mission to help driven professionals change their overwhelming and unfulfilling careers and lives. She believes that “you can have it all!”  She teaches you how to create a life and career you love through Brain Bliss Activation.

Money Manifestation Simplified

Start a Business on a Thread Budget

A powerpoint presentation of how to start a business on the very cheap side.  With a contract and checklists to get started.  Lots of tips and advice in this presentation.

This is valued at $19 and is offered by Heather Galliher. GalliherVA is serving small business owners by building and maintaining customer relations through managing their social media accounts, online reputation, and website building!

Learning to Use Images to Boost Your Business

Our content must be good to build a following. Making your content more visually appealing and shareable with images is also important. This ebook covers an overview of image file types - what they mean and how to use them, PicMonkey editing tips to create images your readers want to share, and using images in WordPress.

This is valued at $27 and is offered by Samantha Angel of Advancing Steps. Samantha creates resources and training for people to learn first step and next step skills, such as WordPress, graphics, and mindset to build an online business.

4 Key Pages Your Business Website Must Have

A successful business must have a website, that will engage and convert your visitors. Find out the key pages that are critical to business success. Determine what content each of these pages requires to meet your goals to be successful.

This is valued at $27 and is offered by Sheila Edens-Brown of Virtual Admin Professionals. Sheila is a virtual assistant that support Professionals Coaches with back office systems support to run their business and deliver their coaching services in an effective, efficient, and productive manner.

The Solopreneur's Guide to Thriving: Create a Season of Amazing Growth for Your Business

The Solopreneur’s Guide to Thriving is a short report that teaches solopreneurs how to create a growth spurt in their business. This is a white label product so you can edit the report and put your name on it. You’ll also get printable worksheets, social images, and an eCover.

This is valued at $29 and is offered by Avery Wilmer.  Avery is a content marketer who shows her clients how to make their content irresistible and profitable. She also creates white label products for business and life coaches.

Making Room for Happiness: Tips for Clearing Clutter & The Busy Woman's Daily Planner©

Making Room for Happiness: Tips for Clearing Clutter & The Busy Woman's Daily Planner© ... Do you have clutter? Do you struggle with what to do with all your “stuff”? Do you find you get stuck or don’t know where to start?

Inside Making Room for Happiness, you'll find Tips for Clearing Clutter, you’ll find help in identifying three types of clutter; Physical, Emotional, and Mental.

This is valued at $39.98 and is offered by Susie Glennan of The Busy Woman. You can truly simplify your life by implementing simple, personality based time management techniques by The Busy Woman©. Relationship building, time management, organizing, and more.

Healthy You PLR Club

Healthy You PLR Club offers pre-written content for you to use in your marketing efforts.  Take the guess work out of what to post, plus you won't have to spend hours doing research because it’s already done for you.  You'll get 45 pieces of pre-written content. This includes 15 blog posts,15 emails, 10 product reviews and 5 top 5 lists.

This is valued at $29 and is offered by April Lemarr. April helps bloggers by providing pre-written content that they can use as their own.

Creating Powerful Devotions

You know you have a message to share, but maybe you’ve been struggling to find a format that makes communicating it easy? With this training, learn how to chunk down your ideas into specific actionable devotions so your message will be flowing out into the world in no time!

This is valued at $27 and is offered by Tishia Lee of Faithful Bloggers. Tishia has been helping busy bloggers, coaches, authors, and other solopreneurs since 2006 as a skilled Virtual Assistant.

My Biz, My Money Masterclass

What if instead of stumbling along, you could look at your money and say “I’ve got this”.   In the 20 minutes, My Biz, My Money Masterclass , you’ll learn the easiest secret of achieving  this.  You get paid, you decide how the money is spent rather than your bills

This is valued at $25 and is offered by Yvonne Morrison of The Business Boutique, a place where women can become more comfortable and confident around money. Yvonne both educates women around the nuts-and-bolts of practical money management and guides women through a process where overwhelm, fear and worry can be left at the door.

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