How To Work With Brands And Get Great Sponsorships

Do You Want To Learn
How To Work With Brands &
Get Great Sponsorships?

Have you ever noticed how some bloggers seem to work with top brands? Or have you noticed how some online business owners get their events sponsored and paid for by other companies?

Brands WANT to work with you! And it’s easier to get started than you think!

You may have seen people review free products they’ve been given or do giveaways – but there is much more than that to working with brands!

When you work with a brand, you get paid to do what you already do!

That may be writing a blog post, or it may be sharing a photo on Instagram or creating a YouTube Video.

A brand may sponsor you to go to a conference or event. A brand may even sponsor you to travel for fun! A paid vacation does sound kind of nice, doesn’t it?

You do not have to have a huge social media following. It’s NOT just about numbers. It’s about how well you engage with your community!


I know how to work with brands and get sponsorships – and it’s something that I do regularly!

me-and-brands-600I’ve done reviews, giveaways, and paid posts. I’ve been offered free travel. I’ve gone to conferences for free. I have a permanent link to discounted hotel stays, which can save me money on any future travel.

I was even given a free car to drive around in! The gas was also paid for, and I got gift cards to go on fun adventures while I had the car!

I’ve also taken sponsors for many of my online events. Whether it was a virtual conference, or if I gave away an online workshop or guide. I would take sponsors so my costs were covered, and then I could give away the workshop or guide to grow my email list! It’s a win-win situation!

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Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll be learning:

We will begin on October 19 and the workshop will run through November 27.

You will get new videos, a workbook, and new worksheets each week to walk you through the steps of working with brands and turning that into long term income.

We will also have weekly webinar and Q&A sessions each Tuesday at 9pm Eastern (these will be recorded if you can’t make it live)

Here is a schedule of our weekly lesson topics:

Module 1 – The 101 – An Introduction To Working With Brands & Getting Sponsors
Module 2 – How To Get Noticed By Brands (It’s NOT Just About Numbers)
Module 3 – How To Approach Brands & Sponsors (Why You Don’t Have To Wait For Them To Come To You!)
Module 4 – What To Do During – And After – A Project With A Brand
Module 5 – Long Term Benefits (How To Create Income In Other Ways From Working With Brands & Sponsors)
Module 6 – Bonus Week: Creating Fun Projects With Brands & Online Events That Sponsors Want To Be A Part Of

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Think about how this can change your business!

Working with Brands & Sponsors can help you add traffic to your site, and income to your business.

If you choose, you’ll be able to take on sponsors to help you cover the costs of creating great content and online events, which you can then charge for, or choose to give away for free, to help you grow your list.

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