Crissy Herron, Founder of

Crissy Herron is a Michigan girl, born and raised. She recently moved back to her home state, after living in Alaska for seven years. She started working from home about five years ago, stemming from a need for a flexible job that would allow her the ability to go home and visit family whenever she wanted. While she found quite a bit of information, much of it was in the form of “work at home mom” websites that didn’t always appeal to someone who didn’t have kids.

She took matters into her own hands in 2007 when she launched Indie Biz Chicks, a website that provides business, marketing, and publicity info to “women who’d rather work for themselves, than work for the man.”. Crissy is also the host of The Podcast, an on demand internet talk show that features information specifically geared towards independent business women. Her goal is to help ALL WOMEN, whether mothers or not, find information on starting, growing, and marketing their own business. The information is served with a healthy dose of sass and wit, of course : )

Media Requests Can Be Sent To: crissy{at}indiebizchicks{dot}com


Crissy Herron was a panelist and the keynote speaker for the Indie Biz Chicks Conference, held at The University of Michigan, Flint in May 2008.

Crissy has been interviewed and featured in local and national media, including Fox Businessnews channel WEYI, the Peninsula Clarion, CraftZine.comWAHM 2.0, and the MINC Thinks Blog, just to name a few.

She has also been on a guest on several podcasts and radio shows, including The Mary and Heather Show, Internet Marketing Strategies, Results Radio Show, Women Wise Marketing, and The Cereals Podcast On PNN.Com.

Crissy is a featured writer on business, marketing, publicity, and entrepreneurship. View her articles at Venus Zine, Etsy, and IndiePublic.