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IndieBizChicks Conference: Quick Facts

The main theme of the IndieBizChicks Conference will be "Ramping Up Your Sales."
It will be free to register to attend this virtual conference. If people would like the recordings, they can choose to upgrade for $47 before the conference starts, or $97 after it's begun.

The dates are October 12th - 15th

There will be several speakers each day of the conference.

Your Session Won't Be "Live"

Your session will be pre-recorded and several sessions will be available to watch each day of the conference, Each session will be free to watch for 24 hours. If attendees want to have unlimited access to all of the sessions, they can purchase an upgrade to get the recordings.

You Don't Have To Promote 

As a speaker, you do not have to promote the conference. However, I would appreciate it very much if you did. You can promote this as a free event with an affiliate link, and you'll earn 50% commission if anyone purchases the upgrade to get the recordings. 

Here Is A Little More Info....

I created IndieBizChicks, "the website for women who'd rather work for themselves, than work for the man," in 2007. My audience is mostly women, who either have a business or want to start one. I provide information and resources to help them grow and market their businesses online.

My audience has a wide variety of types of businesses. Some of them sell physical products, some of them offer services, and some of them create digital downloads or sell information products / courses, etc.

The theme of this conference will be "Ramping Up Your Sales In The Last Quarter." This can include information on making the most of holiday sales (Black Friday promos, etc) - but it can also be general information about ramping up sales, without making it a special holiday promotion.

Your presentation should be between 30 - 60 minutes. Your presentation can consist of slides, or a screenshare if you are demonstrating how to do a task, or you can talk directly to the camera, if you are comfortable with that. It's entirely up to you! If you are chosen as a speaker, I ask that you send me the recording by September 28th. If you need help with recording, I can give you some recommendations for tools (some of which are free).

You can use your session as a way to grow your list! You can include a "bonus" worksheet or other material to go along with your presentation. You can send me the link to the opt-in page and I will include that information next to your presentation video, so both the people who register for free and purchase the upgrade will see the link to your opt-in.

Your presentation should still be good info on it's own. People should still get some valuable information out of your presentation, whether they choose to sign up for your freebie. Your freebie can enhance the info - or provide for more learning, etc.

Key Dates:

  • Please fill out the speaker interest form below by September 21st.
  • If chosen to be a speaker, I will need you to send in your recorded presentation by September 28th
  • The conference will start October 12th and run daily through October 15th

What Is The Process Of Becoming A Speaker?

It's very easy - here's a breakdown of the steps involved:


If you are interested in being a speaker, please fill out the interest form below:


I will get back to you soon to let you know if you are a good fit & if so, to start discussing more details.


If chosen to be a speaker, you'll send me a recording of your 30 - 60 minute presentation by September 28th..

IndieBizChicks Conference Speaker Interest Form

IndieBizChicks Conference October 2020
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