Summer Biz Survival Tips Video Series

Summer is just around the corner … and many people say this is a slow time for business.

Don’t be fooled by the nay-sayers! You don’t have to lose money this Summer!

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Yes – Summer is a busy time of year – with family reunions, weddings, graduations, holidays, and vacations… Plus, it’s just so nice to be able to be outside and enjoy the weather.

But of course, we can’t ignore our businesses during this time. While it’s easy to let things slide, it’s hard to “get back on the horse” and catch up once we do start letting things go.

Instead of letting things go… Let’s have fun together this Summer, while you grow your business at the same time!

Join Me For Summer School!

Summer School starts on May 18 and runs through July 3.

The entire program – with videos, workbooks, worksheets, checklists, templates, & more – PLUS Weekly Group Coaching Is Only $97

Here’s our schedule:

Week 1 – Defining Your Biz & Gaining Clarity
We will be discussing: What IS your biz?, Finding Your Target Market,
Finding Your Voice & Style, Gaining Clarity Towards The Future

Week 2 – Is Your Website Really Ready?
We will be discussing: Website Basics, First Impressions Matter,
Why You Want A Sticky Website, Creating An Awesome Email Opt In,
Small Tweaks That Make A Difference

Week 3 – Your Offer Funnel
We will be discussing: What Is Your Offer Funnel?, Creating Irresistible Offers,
Increasing Your Conversion, Offering Upsells

Week 4 – Email Marketing
We will be discussing: Email Marketing Basics, What To Send Your List,
How To Get More Subscribers, How To Write Emails That Get Results

Week 5 – Should You Blog, Vlog, Be Social?
We will be discussing: Communication 101. Should You Blog,
Using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram

Week 6 – Putting It Together & Creating A Plan
We will be discussing: How To Put This Stuff Together, Creating Your Plan,
The Next Steps To Take

Week 7 – Wrapping Up – This is a bonus week for coaching. We won’t be discussing new content, but I’ll be available for your questions.

We will have Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
Alternating Tuesday morning & night
(all calls will be recorded)

BONUSES (at end of program)
Time Management & Goal Setting,
Using WordPress, Copywriting 101


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