It’s incredibly difficult to run a business without needing to hire employees. At some point, your company will grow, and you’ll need to establish a team around you.

You shouldn’t be afraid of this, as employees can help your business in so many ways. As the old saying goes; two heads are better than one. So, if you add more and more heads to your business, you will get more ideas, which can lead to more success.

Of course, all of this depends on one factor; the brilliance of your employees. Good employees will help your business grow and move on to more success. But, bad employees will do the opposite.

Bad employees are a danger for your company, and we’re going to discuss them today. We’ll take a look at what bad employee are, and why they can damage your business. To conclude, we’ll finish with some tips on how you can solve your bad employee problem.

What Is A Bad Employee?

A bad employee doesn’t necessarily mean someone that behaves badly. It mainly refers to any employee you have that doesn’t contribute to your business. They may be trying hard, but their efforts simply aren’t good enough, and they hold you back. Or, sure, they might behave badly and mess around without doing any work every day.

The bottom line is, they aren’t helping your business, and this needs to be addressed.

Why Are Bad Employees Dangerous?

Bad employees are dangerous as they could be the cause of all the problems in your business. There are many companies that look at their books and scratch their heads trying to figure out why they’re not making enough money. Why aren’t there many new customers joining? Why are the sales so low?

Often, bad employees are the reason for all of this. If you have a bad employee, they might do half the work that your other employees are doing. This means you’re always falling behind and not reaching targets because of this employee. But, imagine if you have multiple bad employees, things are even worse! A bad employee that’s bad because they simply don’t do a good enough job means that your company completely lowers its productivity. You’re way less productive as you have these bad employees holding you back. It’s like trying to swim with weights attached to your ankles – you’re going to struggle.

Not only that, but bad employees can be toxic. This means that they can rub off on others, particularly if they’re bad in how they behave. They could distract others, which means your good employees are underperforming thanks to the bad ones!

All in all, you can boil it down to one thing; bad employees cost you money. They cost you sales money, but they also cost other money too. You pay their wage, which means you’re wasting money paying someone that’s doing a bad job. Not only that, but they’ll cost you money if you fire them too as they need a severance package. You’re simply not getting a good bang for your buck when you invest in employees that turn out to be bad.

Dealing With Bad Employees

So, let’s say you’ve taken a look at your business and realized you have a bad employee problem, what can you do?

The obvious solution is to let them go, but this does pose some problems. As mentioned above, they may need a severance package, and they may demand things from you and claim they’ve been wrongly fired. You can work your way around this and get the best possible outcome for your business. As you’ll see on the Ellis Whittam, there are companies offering employment law services for businesses. Arm your business with legal representation, and you can fire an employee without breaking any laws and without giving them a chance to claim anything. You need to remove them from your company before they do any more damage.

It’s worth noting you shouldn’t always jump ahead and fire an employee or multiple employees. Before things reach this stage, you should give them warnings. Warn them that they’re performing poorly, or their behavior is bad for business. Make it clear to them that they will be fired if you don’t see immediate improvements starting from today. Sometimes, this is enough to scare a bad employee into working harder and taking things more seriously.

You should also consider employee training too. If an employee isn’t working well, then it might be because they simply don’t have the knowledge you thought they did. Some people can blag their way through interviews and seem like they have relevant experience, but it might turn out that they’re not as good as you thought. In which case, some extra employee training can help them understand their role, develop new skills, and start being a better employee.

Preventing A Bad Employee Problem

The best way to deal with bad employees is to prevent them from being a problem in the first place. There are two main ways you can do this.

The first is to simply tighten up your hiring process. Ensure you’re more thorough with how you hire people and can get a proper feeling for how they fit the role. If you make better hires, you won’t have to worry about toxic employees that don’t pull their weight.

The second is to scrap hiring employees and outsource instead. You can do this for many areas of your business, and it guarantees you have a team of people working for you that are experienced and knowledgeable. It can also reduce the costs of hiring employees as outsourcing is far cheaper.

In conclusion, bad employees can harm your business and be the source of your failures. Don’t let them harm your company, you need your employees to help push you forwards not backward! If you do have bad employees, take the steps mentioned above to deal with them. If you don’t, make sure you pay attention to the final two points to prevent this problem in the future.