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JWD Boutique (Vendor Post)

Don’t settle for the ordinary! At JWD Boutique we believe personalized gifts & stationery should be artistically inspired, uniquely creative and beyond ordinary. Our designs are sure to surprise and delight. JWD Boutique offers personally stylish keepsakes and stationery for new births, weddings, birthdays, holidays, graduations, baptisms and christenings, and much more. All of our products are crafted in our studio with close attention to detail. We are a husband and wife team with over 16 years experience in the gift and wedding industry.

*** Win a $10 Visa gift card! *** Just visit JWD Boutique and then come back to this post and tell us what you liked best! Drawing will be November 30 at 10am.

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Endless Purse-abilities (Vendor Post)

Endless Purse-abilities(TM): Design it. Flaunt it!

Welcome to my creative space. I am a wife, mom and business owner! I have been the designer, creator, and one woman show for Endless Purse-abilities for 8 years and counting.

I came up with the name Endless Purse-abilities because I love to create my own patterns and am excited about the ‘endless’ combinations of fabric colors, textures and textile options available for unique designs. The possibilities, I mean, the Purse-abilities are endless!

I treasure the days with my family, friends and the many unique opportunities that I been a part of with designing my purses and monogrammed gift items. I love being creative and helping others design a gift that can make someone feel fabYOUlous! I create custom designs for a wide variety of individuals, boutiques, celebrities, sororities and other distinctive organizations desiring a unique and personalized accessory.

My goal is for each customer to be a part of the creative process and be just as excited to flaunt their new purse or monogrammed gift as I am about creating it. Please stop by and say hello!

*** Win a $10 Visa Gift Card!***  Just visit Endless Purse-abilities, and then come back to this post and tell us what you liked best! Drawing will be at 10am on November 10.

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Crissy Says (Vendor Post)

Hi, I’m Michelle Schoen of the I have always loved art and have been driven to create it one way or another since I was about ten. From scrapbooking to jewelry making to polymer clay, in spite of my drive to create I’ve never had the patience to get really good at any particular technique.

Eventually I stumbled upon video as my creative outlet which led to a career creating instructional videos for a variety of clients who wanted to place them on the Internet. For the past 3 years I have trained hundreds of people who want to produce and profit from making their own video tutorials and video workshops.

My video services and products are specifically designed to provide practical, proven and productive strategies and resources to help both new and experienced business owners to produce DVDs and web-delivered videos demonstrating their skills. I love empowering people to see how easy it can be to use software tools they may already own to create a series of videos that can be created once then can be sold over and over all over the world. As an artist you have skills to share that others will pay to learn

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Hanky Blanky (Vendor Post)

At Hanky Blanky, we provide the most unique, special baby items: baby blankets, baby bibs, pillows, infant wear, dolls and puppets.

Our handmade baby blankets and toddler clothing are uniquely hand-crafted with vintage handkerchiefs or vintage textiles that I have searched for and collected over time.

Each item is one of a kind. No two can be the same! A baby gift that will be treasured for a lifetime and handed down as a family heirloom.

Hanky Blanky offers a whimsical children’s clothing line….reminiscent of a simpler time. These baby clothes recapture the innocence of days gone by. All pieces are individually cut and sewn in New York City!

Jinglin’ Jack and Moody Milly and Max are just 2 out of our collection of dolls and puppets that have also been recaptured from another era. Fashioned after flea market finds and made using vintage fabrics and trims, these soft toys will bring hours of fun with no batteries needed!

Recycled woolens and re-purposed sweaters make up the mini-plush dolls, fuzzy duck, wooly lamb and pink piggy. Our full line can be seen at: and also at:

Win A $10 Visa Gift Card – Just visit Hanky Blanky and then leave a comment on this post with which item you like best! Drawing will be held on November 30 at 10am Eastern.




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heads, hearts, and hands (Vendor Post)

Greetings Handmade Lovers! My name is Dee Hall and I am a Milliner, Fiber Artist and Founder of my accessories company: heads hearts & hands. In my spare time (ha) I am an art enthusiast, vintage clothing collector, and Mom too many! I came up with the name heads hearts & hands to keep myself connected to the passion I have for creating….for me it lives in the head, is born in the heart and manifests through the hands.

I create my millinery items using straw, felt, fabric, ribbons, beads, buttons, metal mesh, leather, suede plastic and anything shiny and unusual! Really, I love all accessories so I also create and re-imagine (I call it “translating”) shawls, gloves, handbags and shoes.

I maintain an Etsy Shop as well as a presence on Indiepublic. This year I launched a heads hearts & hands blog celebrating

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Mitzi’s Collectibles (Vendor Post)

My name is Mitzi Curi, and I’m a one-woman enterprise with oodles of ideas and enthusiasm within my world of vintage collectibles and crafty treasures. My current ventures include rented retail space at two quality antique malls, the Antiques Market of Williamston and the Livingston Antique Outlet (in Williamston and Howell, Michigan, respectively); and my Etsy store, where I sell “Vintage and Handmade Treasures from the Midwest”. I began my blog so that I can impart my knowledge about antiques to others while promoting my business. I hope to encourage readers to explore ways to add what I call “Old Timey” goodness to their lives by shopping flea markets, antique malls, auctions, and online selling venues.

If passion could be measured in the blood, my level would be off the charts! I can barely contain my excitement when I come across a box of old photos, a Victorian-era scrapbook, or a box full of depression glass. I have sold everything from an old coffin to bedroom furniture, Steiff toys, costume jewelry, yellow ware pottery, hats full of millinery blossoms and enamel advertising signs.

Since I began my antique business ten years ago, I have accumulated a large stash of favorite vintage goodies that lend themselves to crafting. Old bottles, lampshades,

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R. Kay Design (Vendor Post)

R.Kay Design is a new company and blog started by Reba Collins who designs and creates handbag and purse patterns. On her blog Reba writes about sewing techniques and shortcuts while sharing creative projects, sneak peeks of new designs, sew-alongs, give-aways and more. If it has to do with sewing, handmade purses, or selling handmade creations, she’s writing and talking about it on her blog.

Reba started blogging about sewing and making purses only six months ago but her experience with a sewing machine dates back to when she made her first peasant blouse at 12 years old. Ever since she’s loved sewing. After putting her machine away during the years when her kids were young, she now has a renewed passion and handbags are the focus.

You can visit with Reba on her blog at where you can join her mailing list and receive a free PDF pattern of the Molly Handbag. The Molly Handbag was the first creation Reba made for the public and she decided to give it as a gift to the sewing community before offering an item for them to purchase. So stop by and get your free pattern, you’ll love it, it’s so cute!

*** Win a $10 Visa gift card! *** Visit R.Kay Design and then come back to this post and leave a comment with what you like best. Drawing will be Nov 30 at 10am.

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Bumbleberries Boutique (Vendor Post)

My shop’s name is Bumbleberries Boutique but is found as “asundaygirl” on Etsy. I named it Bumbleberries because of a piece of pie I had once, bumbleberry pie. I had never heard of bumbleberries before and when I asked the waitress about it I was told that it was actually a bunch of berries combined. So I thought that was a perfect name for my shop as I planned to offer a lot of varied items.

I started my shop in March of 2009 and at that time I offered handmade items and designer fabric.

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Glamasaurus (Vendor Post)

Glamasaurus all began when I moved to Switzerland. I had been crafting all my life and always wanted to sell but never thought my work was good enough or that anyone would buy it. Almost 10 years later and I know that isn’t true.

When I first moved here the country was in a recession and I would find a temporary data entry job here or there but then the company would be low on work and that meant I was out of a job. I would still make little clay cupcakes and cookies and sell them on my site as I made them. Once I got pregnant with my daughter I decided to be a stay at home mom. So that was probably when Glamasaurus stopped being a hobby and started being a business.

Glamasaurus comes from the part of me that loves

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