Photo courtesy of Provo Craft

If you are a paper crafter, I’m sure you already know what a Cricut is. If not, let me explain. A Cricut is a personal cutting machine. There are different sizes and models available to fit your needs. Provo Craft, the maker of the Cricut, recently sent me the Expression model to try out.

You put in different cartridges, which contain different fonts and shapes. Each image can be cut in different sizes for a completely customizable look.

If you are thinking this is just something to use for making cards or scrapbook pages, you’re wrong. You can also use it for business. You can use the Cricut to create some very creative signs and display items, which can be used to attract customers at craft fairs. It doesn’t matter if your business  has nothing to do with paper crafting, the point is to simply attract customers, and a creative display will do that!

Another important aspect of attracting customers has to do with your packaging. You can use the Cricut to create personalized gift bags, which you can then use to  package smaller items.

That being said, the Cricut does take some getting used to. I had several people try the machine out and they all needed some practice time before they figured everything thing.  While it isn’t difficult to use, it is electronic and there are lots of options. Anytime you play with a new electronic device, it can take a while to get to know all of the features. If you are going to use this to make something for a craft fair, don’t wait until the last minute.  Start in advance and give yourself plenty of time to get all of your cutting done.