• 5 Ways A Quiz Can Help Your Biz

    Quizzes are super popular (and they have the power to viral quickly & easily)!  How many of them have you taken on Facebook? We’re ALL guilty of opening Facebook and seeing quizzes our friends have shared, and all of a sudden, we realize an hour has gone by while we took quizzes to find out which character we are on 90210 or if we’d survive being trapped on a desert island.

    Here are 5 ways to grow your biz with a quiz:

    1) Get Traffic & Go Viral – As I mentioned above, it’s easy for a quiz to go viral. People share them all the time on Facebook! When you put a quiz on your site, and then allow people to share their result on social media, many people automatically do that. When they share it, their friends are going to be curious to know what result they will get, so they come to your site to take the quiz, then they share it, etc. You can get A LOT of traffic by creating a quiz!

    2) Get More Email Subscribers – As I mentioned above, you will get a lot of traffic by creating a quiz and sharing it on social media. The boost in traffic alone can increase the amount of people who sign up for your newsletter. BUT – you can further increase your sign-ups by making people sign up for your mailing list to see the results. Now, you don’t want to create a viral quiz, just to have a bunch of people who aren’t your target market signing up for your list. BUT – if your quiz matches your ideal customer, this is a great way to grow your list. For example – if you are a style blogger, you could create a quiz where people find their style personality, and then they have to sign up for your list to see the result.

    3) Quizzes Help You Segment Your List – You can get very specific with your quizzes, and when you do this, you can segment quickly and easily segment your mailing list to give people the exact info they want. For example – let’s say you are a health coach. You can have a quiz where people can figure out what’s holding them back from getting healthy. The results could be a lack of time management, not knowing which foods are really healthy, or it could be self doubt.

    When people sign up for your mailing list to view their results, you can give them a series of emails with info that will help them overcome their specific problem. For example – when you deliver tips for quick and easy grocery shopping, meal prep tips, and ideas for quick and healthy meals to the person who is too busy to eat healthy, they will be more likely to open your emails. They will see that you do understand their problem and can help them, and they’ll be more likely to hire you as a health coach.

    4) Quizzes Help You Sell More Products & Services – Imagine that you are a web designer. A person goes to your site and looks at your design packages but isn’t sure what to purchase. They may feel so overwhelmed, they click away and don’t purchase anything. Now, let’s say you had a quiz, and when people took the quiz and got the result, they were presented with your beginner package or your advanced package. They would no longer be confused or overwhelmed. They’d know exactly what they needed and would feel confident in making a purchase.

    5) Add Quizzes To Your Ebooks & Online Workshops – Add a little bit of fun to your ebooks and online courses by adding quizzes. People have different learning styles, and some people really like having quizzes to “test” them on what they just learned. Your quiz doesn’t have to be focused on the lesson, it can also just be a fun bonus. For example, let’s say that you are a virtual assistant, and in addition to working with clients one-on-one, you have an ebook for small business owners that explains how they can be more organized in their business. You can have a fun quiz that tells them which apps they should use or what their leadership style is. Just a little fun “extra” – but those little extras add a lot of value to your products!


  • Spring Blog Post Ideas

    Spring is finally here, after a long winter. It’s time to freshen things up, and that includes your blog! Need some ideas on what to blog about? Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Resolution Check-up … It’s been a couple months since everyone set their New Year’s Resolutions. Write a post to encourage people to pick them back up if they’ve already let their goals fall by the wayside.

    Challenge your readers to learn something new this month. Challenge yourself as well! Write weekly updates on your progress and ask your readers to comment on how they are progressing.

    Write a post about a “first-aid kit.” You can apply this to your business. It doesn’t have to be about band-aids. If you are a virtual assistant, write about quick fixes for business emergencies; if you’re a food blogger, post some tips for common mistakes in the kitchen, etc.

    We all take things for granted – and it’s easy to do when we don’t think about how things really benefit us! What is a modern convenience that makes a real difference in your life?

    Write a post about attitudes. This could be a variety of things – from a post about the friendliest person you know or it could be tips on how to go from having a bad day to a good day.

  • July Promo & Sales Ideas

    July sales and promo- blog

    Do you need some ideas for your July sales & promotions?

    Here are some fun ideas for you to try:

    Blogging “Road Trip” Promo – Ask a few of your blogging friends to each write a guest post for you – and you write one for them. Then, during one week in July, plan on publishing their guest posts, and ask them to publish yours’. Your readers will get fresh content from your blogging friends – and you’ll be introduced to each of your blogging friends’ audiences. This is a great way to reach new customers!

    “Virtual Festival”– Lots of festivals pop up across the country each Summer. You can hold a virtual festival instead. For example – if you’re a food blogger, host a “food blog festival.” You can make this a live event via Google Hangout or you can host it on your blog. Invite some other food bloggers to share recipes, food tips, etc. It’s great content for your readers, and a great way to get new visitors to your blog.

    “Summer Tip” Promo – Write a blog post where you ask your readers for their favorite Summer tip. The tip can be based on the topic of your blog. For example if you write about being frugal, it should be a money saving tip. If you are a life coach, the tips could be about how to enjoy the moment. Let your readers know that you’ll give a prize to the best tip (or select a winner at random). It doesn’t have to be an expensive prize – it could be one of your own products or services or a gift card to Amazon. This is a great way to get traffic to your blog (and hopefully some new customers)!

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  • July Blog Post Ideas

    july blog post ideas - blog

    Need some blog post ideas for July?

    Here are 5 ideas that will cure your blogger’s block:

    • Many people lose their motivation to work during the summer months. How do you stay focused on your business?
    • It’s hard to believe but we are now half-way through 2016! How are you doing on your goals? Write a post and let your readers know what you’ve accomplished
    • The summer is filled with graduations, weddings, and family reunions. Post some tips on how to take better photos at these events.
    • July is National Ice Cream Month – what’s your favorite flavor?
    • July is one of the hottest months of the year. How do you keep your family cool when the temperatures rise outside?

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  • Do You Have A Content Strategy? I’ll Help You Create One!

    There is an old saying about having an online business that “Content Is King” and it is still true today!

    Content makes the web go round!

    Whether it’s a blog post, an article for your newsletter, social media updates, or a freebie for your mailing list – you need content! (And a content strategy!)

    I’m going to be offering a special half-day Intensive Workshop on How To Create Content (And Make Money With It)

    This will be held on Monday, January 11th at 9am Eastern.

    I am looking for 10 people to join as beta testers.

    What does a half-day Intensive look like?

    We will meet in a webinar room. I’ll be giving a portion of the workshop. You’ll get to work. You’ll come back an hour later, and hand in your work for feedback, and then I’ll give another portion of the workshop, you’ll get to work, etc. We will be meeting at 9am, 10am, 11:30am, and 1pm.

    By the end of the workshop you will have a list of topic ideas for a years’ worth of blog content, plus drafts of 4 freebies you can use to grow your mailing list this year, and plans for 2 large products / workshops that you can sell.

    You’ll also understand various ways to make even more money off of the content you are creating.

    As a beta tester, I am offering you a special discounted rate, in exchange for you answering some questions after the workshop and giving me your feedback.

    The beta test price of this workshop is $37 (that includes the live workshop and recordings)

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  • Free Article Templates

    Do you ever sit down at the computer to write a blog post or an article for your newsletter and end up staring at the blank screen thinking “I don’t know what to write!”

    It happens to everyone from time to time.

    And of course, as a business owner you NEED content!

    That makes it especially frustrating when you sit down to write and end up staring at a blank screen with nothing to write about.

    I’ve got something that will help you: Fill-in-the-blank templates!

    You can use these Article Templates for a blog post on your own blog, a guest post for another person’s blog, or for your newsletter.

    You’ll get 6 templates:

    • The “How To” Article
    • The Tips Article
    • The List Article
    • The FAQ Article
    • The Case Study Article
    • The Product Review Article

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  • Giveaway – 3 Months Of Web Hosting


    There are 2 things that every online business owner needs – a domain name and a web hosting plan.

    My web host has given me a coupon code for 3 months of FREE web hosting – and I’m passing it on to you!

    I use Mom Webs, and I’m a very happy customer.

    I’ve tried many hosting companies in the past, including very popular companies such as Bluehost and Host Gator. Both of these were a NIGHTMARE for me.

    I started out with Host Gator, and my site had a lot of downtime. I know that this can happy with every host, but it happened a lot with Host Gator. If my site is down all the time, I look unreliable. That is not good!

    When I switched to Bluehost, they charged me to move my site over to them, and then they messed up on moving my shopping cart. I went over a week without any sales and when I told them to cancel my account, they kept the money I paid for transferring my site, even though it wasn’t done correctly.

    And any time I had trouble with them and submitted a support ticket, I would have to wait a while for an answer. Not good!

    I don’t have any of those problems with Mom Webs. My site rarely has downtime. They transferred my site for FREE! (And they did it correctly!) It’s not often that I need to submit a support ticket, but when I do, I get an answer FAST.

    I know you will love Mom Webs as much as I do.

    Here’s how to enter to win 3 months of FREE Hosting

    *** This is valid for the the Mini Plan, which is what I use. If you need a bigger plan or would like a VPS plan, you can use the coupon for $30 towards the cost of the plan you choose.

    To enter, simply leave a comment and tell me a goal you have for your business in the New Year.

    Bonus Entries – Get a bonus entry for writing a blog post OR sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
    You must link back to this post:

    And then, come back and leave a comment with the link to your social share. This is a bonus for you, too – as you get to share your social media accounts!

    I will choose the winner at random at 12pm Eastern on December 8th.

    Good Luck!


  • How Bloggers Can Help You Build Buzz For Your Biz

    bloggerWant to build some buzz around your biz this holiday season? Try working with Bloggers!

    Working with Bloggers can be VERY GOOD for your business! Bloggers are part of the “new media,” and they can help you gain exposure for your products and/or services. Having a blogger write a blog post about you introduces you to their audience. They are giving you their “seal of approval,” and that means a lot to their readers.

    Bloggers have a lot of trust and credibility with their audience. Their opinion matters. That is why so many big brands work with bloggers!  Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a big brand to work with a blogger. A blogger can be a small business owner’s best friend!

    Here are a few ways that you can work with a blogger this holiday season:

    Guest Blog Posts (aka “Blog Tour”) 
    When you go on a “blog tour,” you are writing guest blog posts for other bloggers. This is a win-win situation. You get to introduce yourself to a new audience and the blogger gets free content and a day off of blogging.
    When you give a guest blog post to a blogger, it should contain helpful information. I’ve had people submit “blog posts” to me that were actually a 250 word ad. Did I publish that? NO WAY! And remember – each blog post should be unique that blog. Don’t give the same post to several bloggers. Take the time to write a new post for each blog.

    Product reviews are another way to get featured on a blog. In this case, the blogger will write a review post about your product.
    Yes, you’ll have to send out a sample to the blogger in advance. Of course, you want to be wary of this. There are bloggers out there who takes free things from companies and never write a review

    When you take partner with a blogger on a giveaway, you are offering to give an item to one of their readers. This helps the blogger get traffic, as lots of people love to enter freebie contests. Remember that a lot of the people who enter the contests just want a free item. However, even if only a small percentage of the people who find you this way turn into customers, it was still worth it.

    Other Ways To Work With  Bloggers
    I’ve seen bloggers work with brands in a variety of different ways. You’re only limited by your imagination, so if you want to try something not on this list, go for it!
    Take a look at various blogs to get ideas of what other brands and bloggers are partnering on. HINT: Look at a few types of blogs, such as: parenting blogs, food blogs, craft blogs, etc. Different types of blogs may be partnering with the same brand in different ways, and that can help stir up your creativity

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    • Creating A Press Kit & Media Room
    • Intro To Press Releases
    • 52 Press Release Ideas
    • Press Release Distribution Sites
    • Developing A Media List

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    Each plan includes (1) pre-written newsletter, (30) pre-written social media updates, (10) blog post ideas, and (5) promo ideas

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  • My Six Year Anniversary Of Not Being Dead

    Today is my sixth anniversary of Not Being Dead.

    I know that sounds overly dramatic… so, let me put it another way: Six years ago today, I had my first blood transfusion.

    I have Pernicious Anemia. It’s basically a B12 Deficiency. So, what’s that got to do with a blood transfusion? Without B12, your body can’t make blood. And by the time my doctor listened to me and did a CBC (complete blood count), I basically had no blood. My hemoglobin was 5, which is really super low.

    I had been sick for a while, and had been going to the doctor every couple of weeks with no answers. After I went into the hospital, it still took a while to get the answer. I was misdiagnosed and went through some crazy medical procedures in the process. You can read all about my hospital adventures here.

    b12I am really thankful for the whole experience. I think that almost dying was one of the best things that could have happened to me.

    That’s me.

    There were a lot of ups and downs in the hospital, when they were giving me treatments for the things they misdiagnosed me with. Everyone was expecting these things to work, and my blood counts kept dropping and dropping. I was wondering if I was going to make it to my 32nd birthday that August.

    It’s true what they say – you regret the things you haven’t done. I thought about the fact that I had never been to New York City, had never spoke at a big blogging conference. I thought about the fact that I wouldn’t get to see my nephews grow up, or that I had never found The Dream Boy.

    I’ve visited NYC and I’ve checked “speaking at big conferences” off of my bucket list. I’m still in the process of watching my nephews grow up. My sister also surprised me with a niece that I didn’t see coming. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how much time I spend with my little BFFs. I don’t take a second of it for granted.

    The Dream Boy (maybe I should change that to “Dream Man”) is still elusive. He might be out there. And if I don’t find him, well, I’ve got a lot of funny dating stories. Seriously. If you ever need a laugh, just ask me to tell you about some of my dates.

    There was a while afterward, where I kept feeling like “the other shoe was going to drop.” It didn’t. Weeks, months, and years have gone by. I might get sick again. I might not. I learned that I can’t be afraid of what may or may not happen.

    I never thought I’d be so “go with the flow.”

    If I have any words of wisdom. it’s this:

    1) Don’t wait your life away.

    If you want to go to New York City, go. If you want to start a business, start one. Waiting to launch your website or send out a newsletter? WTF? Why are you waiting? Whatever it is, do it.

    [Tweet “Want to start a business? Start one. Waiting to send out a newsletter? WTF? Whatever it is, do it.”]

    2) You’re going to have to let some stuff go.

    Autoimmune disorders are kind of a mystery. Some people say they are caused by stress. Maybe stress caused my Pernicious Anemia… maybe it didn’t. But I have learned that life is filled with a lot of unimportant crap. Just focus on the stuff that is actually important to you.

    Lots of stuff is going to happen to you, both good and bad. You’re going to be faced with trying situations and annoying people.

    Take a deep breath. Do the best you can with the things that matter, and to hell with the rest of it.

    [Tweet “Take a deep breath. Do the best you can, and to hell with the rest of it.”]

    You’ve got much more important things to think about. Like, doing all the things you’ve been waiting to do.