• 3 Quick & Easy Ways To Create Info Products

    Info Products are my favorite way to earn income!

    I know that they may seem like a challenge to create if you’ve never made one before, but I’m going to share 3 secrets of how to create Info Products, quickly & easily!

    1) Host A Live Webinar or Teleseminar (through the phone) – You can even “cheat” by creating an outline and using content from blog posts you’ve previously written! Use the content to help you create some slides, or put the content into a little PDF that people can use to follow along with you during the portion of your webinar where you’re doing your presentation. Then, open it up for questions. Record everything – and then you can re-sell it in the future!

    2) Interview An Expert! If you don’t like to do the talking, you can create a webinar / teleseminar or a series of them, where you interview experts. All you have to do is be an awesome host (and record everything), and then you can sell the recordings in the future.

    3) Package up some of your previously written content into a new ebook – Do you have a bunch of blog posts on a similar topic? Could you take that content and put it all together in one ebook? You can add some new content to fill it out, and maybe create some recordings or videos to go along with it. All of a sudden, you’ve got a brand new info product, ready to sell!

    See? Info Products are not hard at all to create!

    There are many forms of info products – including ebooks, webinars, and online classes. You’re only limited by your own imagination!

    Here are some of the other reasons I like earning income with info products:

    – Passive Income – You create the info product once and you can sell it again and again. 

    – Time Freedom – You can work when you want and you can literally wake up to payments in your inbox (I love when that happens!)

    – You Get To Do Something You Love – You get to choose the topics of your info products. You can spend your time working on projects you enjoy!

    How would you like to create this flexibility & time freedom in your business? While earning additional income & growing your biz?

    I’m putting together a brand new workshop, Info Products – Start To Finish.

    I will walk you through the whole process of creating info products, and we aren’t going to stop there. You’ll be creating an entire product funnel of Info Products! These will all be on the same topic and will work together. This will help you market your products and earn repeat business from your customers!

    This will be action oriented workshop, and you’ll be creating your info product funnel as we go.

    By the end of the workshop, you will create:

    – (1) Autoresponder Email Series with (10) messages. This will help you promote your info product.

    – (1) Freebie Product – You’ll give this away to the people who sign up for your autoresponder email series

    – (1) Kindle Book … Yes – you can earn some money via Amazon by selling Kindle books, but you’ll use this as a tool to promote your info product

    – (1) Mid Range Info Product – This will be your choice of info product, from an ebook to a webinar or audio, or some combination of these things. This will be a mid-range price. At the beginning, you offered a no-cost gift for signing up for the autoresponder. Then, you offered a low price Kindle book. This will be something more expensive than that, but not too expensive.

    – (1) Online Class – This is the final step in the Product Funnel, and the largest part of your info product empire. An Online Class!

    The regular price of this workshop will be $199 – but because it is a brand new, I will be offering it for just $97 through Sunday, June 28.

    No coupon required!

    (I have a separate How To Teach An Online Class workshop that sells for $97, all by itself! With this brand new workshop, you’ll learn how to teach an online class – and an entire product funnel!)

    The Info Products, Start To Finish workshop begins on July 6 and runs through September 18.

    You’ll be getting weekly assignments, coaching, and feedback from me, as you create your own product funnel.

    By the time we wrap up in the middle of September, you’ll have your own mini-empire of info products ready to sell. You’ll be able to create new streams of passive income that will carry you into the holiday season. This will open up more time freedom for you! And the best part is that once you know how to do this, you can do it again and again!

    Are you ready to get started?!

    Click Here To Join The Info Products, Start To Finish Workshop



  • 100 Stock Photo Downloads – Only $39

    I love to get good deals. I scooped up on an awesome one last year – and it’s back for the next two days. I’m going to grab it again, and I thought I’d share it with you, too!

    Here is the awesome deal: 100 stock photo downloads for only $39 (through Deposit Photos)

    Why is this a good deal? Because they’re normal prices are much higher. You could get a monthly subscription plan of 2 photos per month for $20. OR you could get this deal – 100 downloads for $39! And these downloads will NEVER expire!

    I had been using Deposit Photos for a long time before I scooped up this deal last year. I used to buy their photo credit packages. I would purchase 32 credits for $30. The problem with that, is that ONE vector image could take 12 credits and one large jpeg could be 10 credits!

    As you can see, I used to pay A LOT of money for photos!

    You know photos are important! You need good looking photos in your blog posts, and on your website, in order to get more social media shares, likes, follows, etc.

    I am so glad I bought this deal last year – and that’s why I’m going to buy it again this year.

    If you need photos for your blog (and who doesn’t?!), I encourage you to grab it, too.

    Click Here to get 100 downloads for only $39

    This deal isn’t available on the Deposit Photo site. You have to click here to get the deal.

    Here’s just a sample of some of the photos I’ve downloaded this year. I would have spent MUCH more than $39 on just these images. As you can see, this really is an awesome deal!


  • Make Your Biz Sizzle This Summer

    Happy celebrating winning success woman sunsetAhhh, Summer … The time of year when it’s so easy to procrastinate! Let’s face it – after a long Winter, who doesn’t want to take a road trip to the beach, visit the local fair, host a barbecue, or just sit outside and enjoy the warm weather?!

    Summer can melt your motivation faster than it melts ice cubes on 90 degree days! But that doesn’t mean you have to slump back and push your business off to the side till September rolls around.

    These tips will help you manage your time so you can get more work done – in less time! Follow these tips and you’ll have a biz that sizzles, instead of melts!

    • Switch your working hours. Change your normal working hours so that you have enough outside time to keep you satisfied. For instance, you could work early mornings and late evenings, leaving the afternoons free to enjoy outside activities. Or take certain days off during the week.

    • Delegate work to others. Outsource more than you normally do in order to free up some time. Hire a virtual assistant or online manager to take care of the big projects, giving you more time to do what you want.

    • Take advantage of technology. Use your smartphone to keep up with email and social media while you’re having fun. Wi-fi is available almost everywhere, making it easier than ever to keep in contact with customers and clients. Just be sure to set time limits for yourself so you don’t end up answering emails instead of catching waves at the beach.

    • Use to-do lists. A daily to-do list during the summer can keep you organized and on task. Ticking off ‘done’ items from your list keeps you motivated to finish, instead of checking your social media accounts or daydreaming.

    • Prioritize work. Plan out your days with work that has to be done. Do your money making tasks first. Also, don’t take on a lot of new projects if you are more interested in going out in the boat. Keep your work load lighter if possible so you can enjoy time on the lake.

    • Break up big projects into small micro-tasks you can do throughout the day or week. This works for projects such as a new product launch, and for client work as well.

    • Take your work outside. There’s no reason you can’t take your laptop to the park or your back deck to work. Even without a wi-fi connection, you can write documents or work on graphics.

    • Take advantage of systems. You can create a bunch of blog posts ahead of time, and schedule them for publication at a later date using WordPress. The same is true for your autoresponder messages. And social media posts can be pre-scheduled to appear at a later time using software like HootSuite.

    With a little planning ahead now, you’ll be able to sit back with an iced coffee in July – and not worry about any dips in your income!

  • What To Blog About This Summer

    Blog Post Ideas-summer

    One of my favorite “work ahead” tips is to block out a few hours to write several blog posts, scheduling them to post in the days or weeks ahead. If you wanted to reduce your working hours this Summer – or take a couple weeks off – this is a great way to get your blogging done in advance!

    If you have a hard enough time coming up with an idea for one blog post, not to mention several blog posts in one sitting, here are some ideas of what you can write about this Summer:

    • What are your plans for the summer?
    • What are the best summer memories from your youth?
    • Have you ever had a “vacation disaster?”
    • No-cook suppers
    • Freezing / Canning Summer Produce
    • How to keep kids learning / reading over the summer
    • How to get kids active over the summer (playing outside rather than video games)
    • Summer jobs – should your tween / teen have one?
    • A round-up of handmade gifts suitable for Dad (Father’s Day gifts)
    • A round-up of Patriotic crafts for 4th of July
    • How do you keep motivated to work on your business when the weather is nice?
    • How do you balance your biz around your kids in the summer?


  • Summer Marketing Tips



    Are you out of ideas on how to market your business this Summer? Here are some promotion ideas to help you keep your sales up all Summer long:

    Summer Holidays

    • Memorial Day
    • Father’s Day
    • Fourth of July
    • Christmas In July
    • Labor Day

    General Events

    • Graduations
    • Weddings
    • Beat The Heat / Summer Splash
    • Mid-Year Sale
    • Take A Vacation

    Run the following in August and September: 

    • Back To School
    • Back To College
    • Teacher Appreciation

    You just need to be creative and apply these ideas to your business. For example, if you sell products, do you sell something that would be of interest to a bride, a recent graduation, or could be customized for a Teacher Appreciation gift?

    If you offer a service, such as virtual assistance or graphic design, hold a “Take A Vacation” promotion, encouraging people to “take a vacation” from their admin or graphic chores and hand them to you.

    How will you apply these ideas to your sales and promotions?


  • Plan Now For Your Summer Vacation

    VacationA Summer Vacation sounds nice, doesn’t it? Especially after the Winter we just had!

    When was the last time you took a real vacation – and didn’t feel guilty about it? Or bring your computer along and work while your family was having fun?

    You CAN have a vacation this year  – the following tips will help you plan it out:

    Plan Ahead – This means setting up a schedule on your calendar for when you will be away, so you can get projects done ahead of that time. Let clients know when you’ll be away and have them schedule what they need prior to or after this time.

    For example, if you are going to be gone for a week in July, have all your projects finished the week before you leave. Don’t try to fit 3 days’ work into the day before you leave. Give yourself time to fit in all the activities you need to get done.

    Create & Set Up Systems – Almost all businesses have tasks they can automate. Marketing efforts can be maintained with various tools. For example, social media posts can be scheduled with tools like HootSuite. Blog posts can be written in advance and scheduled to post later in WordPress. Autoresponder systems like allow you to schedule your email message updates, so set up one that answers common questions you receive. Be sure to add a note that questions will be responded to personally after you return (unless you have a virtual assistant who can take care of them).

    Outsource –  Hire a virtual assistant to take the reins while you’re away. They can take care of your emails, update posts or whatever you need them to do while you’re away. They can work as your project manager as well, keeping your projects moving forward. They can even help you in planning and setting up tools and systems.
    Outsource. Even if you have a virtual assistant to manage your business, you can outsource many other tasks, such as writing, graphic work or blog maintenance.

    Enter “Maintenance Mode” – While on vacation, make it a point to only check in once in a while. Do the very minimum to keep your business going, such as checking your email once a day and quickly checking in with your virtual assistant a couple of times.

    Just because you own a business doesn’t mean you can’t take time off! By planning ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing vacation – without worrying about your business!


  • 5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Biz

    Spring is here and it’s time to FRESHEN UP!

    You may be doing some spring cleaning around your house, and have started sprucing up your yard. Maybe you have put away all the winter gear – including those heavy coats and boots and started wearing lighter jackets and shoes.

    While you’re starting to freshen up all these areas of your life – don’t forget to freshen up your business!

    Small actions can add up fast – and make a noticeable difference in your business. Each of these activities can help you freshen up!

    Clean Up Your Blog Posts – Go through your old blog posts and do some clean up work. Does the information still apply? If not, delete the post. (For example, if it’s a post about a sale you were having in 2010, there’s not much point to it still being on your blog!) Organize your posts with relevant categories and tags. This will help your readers find what they are looking for.

    Add Affiliate Links – As you are going through your blog posts, stop and ask yourself where you can add affiliate links. If you’re not active in affiliate marketing, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

    Here are some examples: Do you have some posts about easy weeknight meals? Find some cookbooks on Amazon and post the links (using your Amazon Associates Link). Are you a graphic designer? You probably have a lot of posts about creating a website. Include an affiliate link to your favorite web hosting company.

    Create An Editorial Calendar – Now that you’ve gone through your old blog posts, why not create an editorial calendar for your future posts? Write down 20 ideas for blog posts and then assign dates to them. You can do this on paper, in an Excel spreadsheet, whatever you like to use to keep organized. Now, all you need to do is start writing and publishing your posts!

    Go For A Walk – If you feel un-motivated, take a walk! Sometimes, all you need to do is just get some movement going in your body. Ideas will start to come to you. (Plus, regular exercise will give you more energy – and who doesn’t want more of that?)

    Make Some Healthy Meals – Life can be busy when you’re running and business and juggling everything that happens in life. It’s easy to give in to the drive-thru for quick meals. Instead – block out some time to make a few healthy meals that you can store in the fridge and eat for the next few days. Fuel your body with healthy food! You will feel better, and that will affect everything around you (including your business!)


    Want More Tips? Join Me In The Fresh Biz Challenge!


    Join me for The Fresh Biz Challenge! This is a no-cost challenge. It will run from April 14 – 28.

    You’ll receive a collection of 10 workbooks, 5 audios, and a series of daily challenges to help you grow your business!

    During this challenge, I hope to inspire & motivate you to “freshen” up your biz and look at it with “fresh” eyes!

    There will be challenges & lessons in blogging, social media, creating content, copywriting, email marketing, and more!

    Here are some of the resources you’ll be getting:

      Workbooks, Templates & Swipe Files

    • 14 Daily Challenges Workbook
    • April Marketing Plan
    • Email Marketing Basics
    • 3 Email Templates (for Email Marketing)
    • Blogging Guide
    • Blog Post Checklist
    • Biz Planning Guide
    • How To Make An Extra $500 Each Month
    • How To Make Info Products
    • Copywriting Swipe File


    • Building An Online Community
    • Using Pinterest For Business
    • Increasing Productivity
    • Shifting Your Biz Plans
    • How To Work With Brands

    I also plan on doing some fun giveaways!

    You’ll also continue to receive biz tips and other freebies throughout the year!

    Sign Up Below

  • Fresh Biz Tips: Relationships

    Fresh TipsR

    The Fresh Biz Challenge is coming up! I asked the sponsors to give me some of their best biz tips, so I could share them with you.

    “Get to know your customers to deliver the products and services that they need in the ways they need them.”
    – Sheila Edens-Brown, Virtual Admin Professionals

    “Use a close-up picture of yourself as your profile picture. Not your pet, your child, or anything else. People want to connect with YOU!”
    – Robin O’Neal Smith, Be Social Get Success

    “Never know when you may run into an opportunity to share your blog or business with others. Create an elevator pitch, relay your success story to others in less than 30 seconds.”
    – Tatjana Eason, Jamberry Nail Bar 

    See more Fresh Biz Tips by clicking here

  • Fresh Biz Tips: Content


    The Fresh Biz Challenge is coming up! I asked the sponsors to give me some of their best biz tips, so I could share them with you.

    “We NEED images in our content. Images draw the eye and help to support the message of our words. The best images invite more Likes, Shares & Pins from social savvy readers.”
    -Kelly McCausey, SoloSmarts

    “When creating content for your blog, research what the hottest trends are and put your spin on it.”
    – Jackie House-Bey, JackyHouse

    “Be Organized – Find balance in the type and amount of content you share. Set up a system that works for you. I prefer to keep it fairly simple. I discovered the WordPress calendar plugin, which helps me to keep track of what to post and when. It’s the simplest, yet most effective thing I’ve found to keep myself on track!”
    – Cara Riggles, Totally Temberton

    Dixie Lee of Aspen Social Media agrees – and says she uses an editorial calendar, too.

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