3 Quick & Easy Ways To Create Info Products

Info Products are my favorite way to earn income!

I know that they may seem like a challenge to create if you’ve never made one before, but I’m going to share 3 secrets of how to create Info Products, quickly & easily!

1) Host A Live Webinar or Teleseminar (through the phone) – You can even “cheat” by creating an outline and using content from blog posts you’ve previously written! Use the content to help you create some slides, or put the content into a little PDF that people can use to follow along with you during the portion of your webinar where you’re doing your presentation. Then, open it up for questions. Record everything – and then you can re-sell it in the future!

2) Interview An Expert! If you don’t like to do the talking, you can create a webinar / teleseminar or a series of them, where you interview experts. All you have to do is be an awesome host (and record everything), and then you can sell the recordings in the future.

3) Package up some of your previously written content into a new ebook – Do you have a bunch of blog posts on a similar topic? Could you take that content and put it all together in one ebook? You can add some new content to fill it out, and maybe create some recordings or videos to go along with it. All of a sudden, you’ve got a brand new info product, ready to sell!

See? Info Products are not hard at all to create!

There are many forms of info products – including ebooks, webinars, and online classes. You’re only limited by your own imagination!

Here are some of the other reasons I like earning income with info products:

– Passive Income – You create the info product once and you can sell it again and again. 

– Time Freedom – You can work when you want and you can literally wake up to payments in your inbox (I love when that happens!)

– You Get To Do Something You Love – You get to choose the topics of your info products. You can spend your time working on projects you enjoy!

How would you like to create this flexibility & time freedom in your business? While earning additional income & growing your biz?

I’m putting together a brand new workshop, Info Products – Start To Finish.

I will walk you through the whole process of creating info products, and we aren’t going to stop there. You’ll be creating an entire product funnel of Info Products! These will all be on the same topic and will work together. This will help you market your products and earn repeat business from your customers!

This will be action oriented workshop, and you’ll be creating your info product funnel as we go.

By the end of the workshop, you will create:

– (1) Autoresponder Email Series with (10) messages. This will help you promote your info product.

– (1) Freebie Product – You’ll give this away to the people who sign up for your autoresponder email series

– (1) Kindle Book … Yes – you can earn some money via Amazon by selling Kindle books, but you’ll use this as a tool to promote your info product

– (1) Mid Range Info Product – This will be your choice of info product, from an ebook to a webinar or audio, or some combination of these things. This will be a mid-range price. At the beginning, you offered a no-cost gift for signing up for the autoresponder. Then, you offered a low price Kindle book. This will be something more expensive than that, but not too expensive.

– (1) Online Class – This is the final step in the Product Funnel, and the largest part of your info product empire. An Online Class!

The regular price of this workshop will be $199 – but because it is a brand new, I will be offering it for just $97 through Sunday, June 28.

No coupon required!

(I have a separate How To Teach An Online Class workshop that sells for $97, all by itself! With this brand new workshop, you’ll learn how to teach an online class – and an entire product funnel!)

The Info Products, Start To Finish workshop begins on July 6 and runs through September 18.

You’ll be getting weekly assignments, coaching, and feedback from me, as you create your own product funnel.

By the time we wrap up in the middle of September, you’ll have your own mini-empire of info products ready to sell. You’ll be able to create new streams of passive income that will carry you into the holiday season. This will open up more time freedom for you! And the best part is that once you know how to do this, you can do it again and again!

Are you ready to get started?!

Click Here To Join The Info Products, Start To Finish Workshop



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