Plan Now For Your Summer Vacation

VacationA Summer Vacation sounds nice, doesn’t it? Especially after the Winter we just had!

When was the last time you took a real vacation – and didn’t feel guilty about it? Or bring your computer along and work while your family was having fun?

You CAN have a vacation this year  – the following tips will help you plan it out:

Plan Ahead – This means setting up a schedule on your calendar for when you will be away, so you can get projects done ahead of that time. Let clients know when you’ll be away and have them schedule what they need prior to or after this time.

For example, if you are going to be gone for a week in July, have all your projects finished the week before you leave. Don’t try to fit 3 days’ work into the day before you leave. Give yourself time to fit in all the activities you need to get done.

Create & Set Up Systems – Almost all businesses have tasks they can automate. Marketing efforts can be maintained with various tools. For example, social media posts can be scheduled with tools like HootSuite. Blog posts can be written in advance and scheduled to post later in WordPress. Autoresponder systems like allow you to schedule your email message updates, so set up one that answers common questions you receive. Be sure to add a note that questions will be responded to personally after you return (unless you have a virtual assistant who can take care of them).

Outsource –  Hire a virtual assistant to take the reins while you’re away. They can take care of your emails, update posts or whatever you need them to do while you’re away. They can work as your project manager as well, keeping your projects moving forward. They can even help you in planning and setting up tools and systems.
Outsource. Even if you have a virtual assistant to manage your business, you can outsource many other tasks, such as writing, graphic work or blog maintenance.

Enter “Maintenance Mode” – While on vacation, make it a point to only check in once in a while. Do the very minimum to keep your business going, such as checking your email once a day and quickly checking in with your virtual assistant a couple of times.

Just because you own a business doesn’t mean you can’t take time off! By planning ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing vacation – without worrying about your business!


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