Spring Blog Post Ideas

Spring is finally here, after a long winter. It’s time to freshen things up, and that includes your blog! Need some ideas on what to blog about? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Resolution Check-up … It’s been a couple months since everyone set their New Year’s Resolutions. Write a post to encourage people to pick them back up if they’ve already let their goals fall by the wayside.

Challenge your readers to learn something new this month. Challenge yourself as well! Write weekly updates on your progress and ask your readers to comment on how they are progressing.

Write a post about a “first-aid kit.” You can apply this to your business. It doesn’t have to be about band-aids. If you are a virtual assistant, write about quick fixes for business emergencies; if you’re a food blogger, post some tips for common mistakes in the kitchen, etc.

We all take things for granted – and it’s easy to do when we don’t think about how things really benefit us! What is a modern convenience that makes a real difference in your life?

Write a post about attitudes. This could be a variety of things – from a post about the friendliest person you know or it could be tips on how to go from having a bad day to a good day.

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