Spring Sales & Promotion Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some sunshine and warm weather! Let that sunshine spill over into your business, with these spring-themed ideas for sales & promos:

“Spring Into Action” Sale –This is a good time to hold a “Spring Into Action” sale. Offer a very limited time sale and encourage your customers to take advantage of it.

Sunny Day Promo – We should all be enjoying some sunshine by the time Spring rolls around. Do you have any products that are “sunny,” – it could be something that is the color yellow or just something to help people shake off the winter blues.

“We Love Moms” Sale – Mother’s Day is coming up – fast! Offer a discount for any last minute shoppers (or for Moms who want to treat themselves)

Sunrise Sale –Give your early birds a special discount. For example, choose a Saturday during the month and offer a 20% discount for orders placed between 6am – 12pm.

“Virtual Festival”– Lots of festivals pop up across the country each Summer. You can hold a virtual festival instead. For example – if you’re a food blogger, host a “food blog festival.” You can make this a live event via Google Hangout or you can host it on your blog. Invite some other food bloggers to share recipes, food tips, etc. It’s great content for your readers, and a great way to get new visitors to your blog.



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