bloggerWant to build some buzz around your biz this holiday season? Try working with Bloggers!

Working with Bloggers can be VERY GOOD for your business! Bloggers are part of the “new media,” and they can help you gain exposure for your products and/or services. Having a blogger write a blog post about you introduces you to their audience. They are giving you their “seal of approval,” and that means a lot to their readers.

Bloggers have a lot of trust and credibility with their audience. Their opinion matters. That is why so many big brands work with bloggers!  Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a big brand to work with a blogger. A blogger can be a small business owner’s best friend!

Here are a few ways that you can work with a blogger this holiday season:

Guest Blog Posts (aka “Blog Tour”) 
When you go on a “blog tour,” you are writing guest blog posts for other bloggers. This is a win-win situation. You get to introduce yourself to a new audience and the blogger gets free content and a day off of blogging.
When you give a guest blog post to a blogger, it should contain helpful information. I’ve had people submit “blog posts” to me that were actually a 250 word ad. Did I publish that? NO WAY! And remember – each blog post should be unique that blog. Don’t give the same post to several bloggers. Take the time to write a new post for each blog.

Product reviews are another way to get featured on a blog. In this case, the blogger will write a review post about your product.
Yes, you’ll have to send out a sample to the blogger in advance. Of course, you want to be wary of this. There are bloggers out there who takes free things from companies and never write a review

When you take partner with a blogger on a giveaway, you are offering to give an item to one of their readers. This helps the blogger get traffic, as lots of people love to enter freebie contests. Remember that a lot of the people who enter the contests just want a free item. However, even if only a small percentage of the people who find you this way turn into customers, it was still worth it.

Other Ways To Work With  Bloggers
I’ve seen bloggers work with brands in a variety of different ways. You’re only limited by your imagination, so if you want to try something not on this list, go for it!
Take a look at various blogs to get ideas of what other brands and bloggers are partnering on. HINT: Look at a few types of blogs, such as: parenting blogs, food blogs, craft blogs, etc. Different types of blogs may be partnering with the same brand in different ways, and that can help stir up your creativity

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