July sales and promo- blog

Do you need some ideas for your July sales & promotions?

Here are some fun ideas for you to try:

Blogging “Road Trip” Promo – Ask a few of your blogging friends to each write a guest post for you – and you write one for them. Then, during one week in July, plan on publishing their guest posts, and ask them to publish yours’. Your readers will get fresh content from your blogging friends – and you’ll be introduced to each of your blogging friends’ audiences. This is a great way to reach new customers!

“Virtual Festival”– Lots of festivals pop up across the country each Summer. You can hold a virtual festival instead. For example – if you’re a food blogger, host a “food blog festival.” You can make this a live event via Google Hangout or you can host it on your blog. Invite some other food bloggers to share recipes, food tips, etc. It’s great content for your readers, and a great way to get new visitors to your blog.

“Summer Tip” Promo – Write a blog post where you ask your readers for their favorite Summer tip. The tip can be based on the topic of your blog. For example if you write about being frugal, it should be a money saving tip. If you are a life coach, the tips could be about how to enjoy the moment. Let your readers know that you’ll give a prize to the best tip (or select a winner at random). It doesn’t have to be an expensive prize – it could be one of your own products or services or a gift card to Amazon. This is a great way to get traffic to your blog (and hopefully some new customers)!

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