Welcome back to the How To Make Money Blogging series! Yesterday, I gave you an intro on the basics. Today, we’re going to talk products and services!

For many of you reading this site, this is a good place to start. Many of you already have a business, and most of you already have a blog. So, it only makes sense to talk about your products and services on your blog! But I bet quite a few of you don’t do it – or you don’t do it enough!

Many of you may feel too modest to talk about your products and services within your blog posts. Or you may be afraid of coming off as “too pushy.”

Don’t be afraid! There are ways to do this that will seem very natural and flowing. You just have to create a lead in.

For example, let’s say you write a post about going to the beach with your family. Well, you can put in a section about how the blue sky and the blue water inspired you to make something blue, and then include a link to that particular product.

See what I mean? You are not being pushy or sales-y. You are talking about a memory, and then providing a link to a product that was inspired by that memory. The people reading your post may click on that link and buy the product – but they never would have if you hadn’t have posted the link.

And you don’t have to mention your products and services in every single post. Start with a couple times per week and see how you feel. (and of course, see if your sales increase!)

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