3 Ways To Grow-na

If you have some extra time this weekend, and you want to do your business a favor – I suggest you spend a few hours on building your email list.

Your email list can be your best marketing tool! Your business (and income) will grow faster when you are putting more effort into growing your email list.

Here are a few things you can do this weekend that will help your business long-term:

1 – Make An Awesome Freebie. (Or Several)

Some people call this a “lead magnet” or an “opt-in gift.” Whatever you want to call it, you should have at least one really good one. Personally, I recommend that you have several. Why? Because it’ll grow your list faster!

Let’s say you have a gardening blog. And your freebie is a video on how you plan your vegetable garden. But what about the people who visit your site looking for info on container gardening? Or flower gardening? Having more than one freebie will attract more people, and your list will grow!

This weekend, spend some time creating a freebie, and then promote the heck out of it on social media! Post about it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. You can post it on your personal page, as well as your business page, and in any groups you belong to that also allow you to post about your business.

2 – Trade Guest Posts.

Do you have any business friends? Ask if you can trade guest posts with them. If you’re friends, and you’re trading posts, and you both agree, you can include the opt-in code for your email list at the bottom of your guest post. If your friend doesn’t want a sign-up box at the end of the post, you can ask to include a link to a page on your site that does have an opt-in form.

For example – if you are a dog trainer, and you write a guest post about housetraining a puppy, link to an opt-in page on your site, so people can get your freebie and sign up for your email list.

3 – Host An Event.

A great way to grow your list fast is by hosting a free online event, such as a 5 day challenge or a virtual conference. These things take time – but you can pull them off without spending a lot of money. And like I said – they will grow your list fast!

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