5 Reasons Why ConvertKit Is The BEST Email Marketing Tool

I use a variety of different tools in my online business (and I’m sure you do, too!).

My favorite tool is … (insert drum roll here) ..ConvertKit!

You are either thinking “Really? ConvertKit?” or “HELL YES! Me, too!”

If you are one of the people thinking “Really???” Well, guess what? I have a special link where you can try ConvertKit free for 30 days. You’ll see how awesome it is. Click Here to test it out for 30 days. (but do it soon, because the 30 days free offer expires on Monday)

So, why do I love ConvertKit so much? Let me count the ways …

1) Your email list is the life force of your business, and ConvertKit best email marketing tool I’ve ever used. Seriously.

Let’s think about this for a minute. You don’t own Facebook or Instagram, or any other social platform. You could have millions of followers, but the social platform itself controls how many of those people see what you post. Facebook and Instagram want to make money, so they are going to charge you in exchange for showing people your stuff (even the people who have liked your page, followed you, etc).

You OWN your newsletter list. And sending emails is a great way to connect with your tribe, build relationships, and yes, market your products and services.

2) ConvertKit is super easy to use. I’ve used several different email marketing services and some of them are so confusing they make my brain hurt.. And I’m someone who is tech savvy. I can only imagine how someone who is just starting out feels when they try to navigate some of those other systems.

3) ConvertKit only charges you ONCE per subscriber. Some of the other email marketing services charge you multiple times each month per subscriber, as they charge you for each person on each list. For example – I used to be an Aweber customer. I had many different lists. I created various freebies, to encourage more people to sign up for my newsletter, and i also had various customer lists, one for each of my products (the thank you email & download instructions that someone receives after they purchase a product).

So, let’s say Sally signs up for one of my freebies. Then, she spends some time on my site or follows me on social media and sees me promoting other freebies, and she signs up for 3 more freebies. Time goes on, and let’s say she purchases 3 of my products. At that point, Sally is on 4 of my freebie lists and 3 of my customer lists. Aweber would be charging me 7 times for Sally each month, because she is on 7 of my lists, even though she is only ONE person.

ConvertKit only charges you ONCE per person. They can sign up for every freebie and buy every product. You’ll still only be charged once per month for that person.

Another “mean” thing that other companies do — they keep charging you for the people who have unsubscribed from your newsletter list, until you delete them. They’re not sending emails to them. But until you go into your account and manually delete them, you’re still getting charged for each unsubscribed person on each of your lists.

ConvertKit does NOT do this. Once someone unsubscribes you are not charged for them.

4) ConvertKit makes it easy to send targeted emails to specific people. ConvertKit has really cool tagging and segmenting features. Some of the other email service providers have tagging, but it’s limited compared to ConvertKit. For example – when I was with Aweber, you could only tag new subscribers. But ConvertKit lets you tag all day everyday if you wanted…

For example – let’s say you are a health coach, and you have a new program coming out this summer that is all about juicing. About a month before you plan to launch to program, you could start sending out some recipes or links to blog posts about the benefits of juicing. With ConvertKit, you can tag the people who clicked on the recipes and blog posts in your emails. Those are people who want info on juicing, and they are the perfect people to send an email to about your new program.

The people on your newsletter list who didn’t click on the recipes or blog posts don’t seem to care about juicing, and since you are only sending the promo email to people who care about juicing, you aren’t going to waste these other subscribers’ time by sending them an email that they don’t care about.

ConvertKit also has a WordPress plugin that can show specific content on your website to your email subscribers, as well as hide specific info. For example, if you have an opt-in link in your blog post, why show that to people who are already on your newsletter list? ConvertKit can show them something else. ON YOUR SITE. How cool is that?

5) Last, but not least, ConvertKit has awesome automations! You can tell ConvertKit what you want it to do, then let it do it’s thing. This is awesome for when you want to set up sales funnels. For example – let’s say you create a freebie, and then a series of emails to promote a paid product. Let’s say that Sally signs up for the freebie, and then she purchases the product right away. You don’t want to bother her by sending a bunch of promo emails that promote a product she’s already purchased.

You can set it up in ConvertKit that once someone purchases a product, they stop receiving the series of emails that are sent to the people who sign up for a specific freebie.

And vice versa, you can also add them to a new sequence of emails after they purchase a product that will ask them to send you a testimonial, to schedule a discovery call, or promote another product.

Click Here to test out ConvertKit free for the next 30 days.

You don’t have to “jump ship” from the email service provider you’re using right now. Use ConvertKit for a few things in the next 30 days and see how you like it.

If you don’t like it, that’s okay. At least you tried something new. You can keep using your current email service provider.

If you fall in love with ConvertKit, you can export your list from your current email service provider, and start using ConvertKit for all of your emails. (And ConvertKit will even help you with exporting your list over to them)

You have nothing to lose – but everything to gain!

Remember – this special 30 day free trial offer expires on Monday!


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