snowflake copy“Black Friday” is the day after Thanksgiving in the states, and the following Monday is “Cyber Monday.” These are days that traditional retailers hold big sales, to officially “kick off” the holiday shopping season.

You don’t need to be a big retailer to do this! You can – and should –  hold a sale this weekend.

Do you make physical products? Choose one of your items to offer at a discount on one of those days. You can choose a different item on both Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Do you have a service based biz? Offer your new clients a half-off rate.

Is your blog your biz? Take some of the blog posts you’ve already written and bundle them up into a Kindle book and offer it for 99 cents. I put my first Kindle book together in a weekend, so I know you can do it!

Drop hints about what your sale item will be, but don’t announce it until that weekend. If you want, start the sale the day before Thanksgiving, to make sure that any of your readers who will be traveling will have time to see the sale before they leave for their holiday festivities!

Ready For More Holiday Marketing Tips?

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– Working With Bloggers Workbook
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– Sample promotion plan with timelines, so that you can plan your promotions

The holiday season can be your BEST season for sales! But you have to be ready! You can’t just wing it and hope for the best.

You have to have a plan and this workbook set helps you create that plan!

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Crissy Herron is the founder of Indie Biz Chicks. She is the self-described "World's Best Aunt," loves Motion City Soundtrack, is awesome in the kitchen, and is a proud resident of The Mitten State. (that's Michigan, by the way.) And, oh yeah, she used to live in Alaska. (she likes the cold.)

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