BlogHer Handmade & TCC Event – Wrap Up Post #2

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BlogHerHandmadeIn my last wrap-up post, I told you about my BlogHer Handmade panel and the people I met while attending the conference. In this post, I’m going to tell you about the sights! (and there were plenty)

Now, if you have read this blog before, or know me personally, you’ll know that two of my favorite bands, Motion City Soundtrack and Farewell Continental, are from Minnesota. MCS is currently on tour and wasn’t in MN when I was there, but FC was in full effect! Guitarist Tommy Rehbein was at my hotel to pick me up before my taxi arrived t0 drop me off!

I’ve been close friends with Tommy for years – and he knew exactly what to do with me. He took me to a coffee shop and book store.

I have this thing where I like to buy a copy of Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger in every new city I visit.

I write the city and date on the inside cover. It’s my favorite book – and hopefully, one day long into the future, when I die, I will have collected many copies from many cities. Needless to say, I have a St. Paul edition on my book shelf now.

After Tommy dropped me off at my hotel, I checked out the room, and it was really nice. We had a great view of the Mississippi River. ¬†After that, Rachel and I headed out to the BlogHer Handmade Speakers Dinner, where we had a great time. (I’ll be talking more about that in the food post).

Once we headed back to the hotel room, we got in our pajamas and talked about the sessions and classes we were going to attend over the next few days.

The next two days were filled with sessions, trips to the craft fair inside the event (aka “The Marketplace”), a Starbucks taste-testing, and great lunches / dinners (where Rachel one a Cricut Expression!) It was kind of a whirl wind few days – but totally worth it!