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  • Using Periscope To Grow & Connect With Your Community


    About 6 months ago, Twitter unveiled Periscope – a live streaming app and social network. Since then, the world has gone BONKERS for Periscope! 

    Are you using Periscope? If so, you can find me there – my username is @crissyherron

    If you’re not using Periscope, you should be! It’s a great way to connect with your audience (and reach new people!)

    Over 10 million people have signed up for Periscope since it was launched – and like I said, that was just 6 months ago!

    You can use Periscope in a variety of ways – 

    • Broadcast live events as they are happening
    • Host a scheduled Q&A
    • Pop in to say a quick “hello” to your audience and give them any updates on what you have going on in your business or life

    Because Periscope is live streaming your audience can interact with you, type in questions, and also interact with other viewers.

    You get immediate feedback – in the form of “hearts” if someone likes what you’re saying or by the viewers’ questions & comments

    People who follow you and choose to get notifications will be notified each time you have a live broadcast, and other users can find you by just looking at whoever is live at the moment. You never know who may stumble into your broadcast.

    Because the app is owned by Twitter, your Twitter followers will also see a post whenever you go live. Your followers may retweet these – and that can bring even more people into your broadcast.

    And, you can always save your broadcasts and then upload them to YouTube and your blog later, to get even more bang for your content buck!

    I’ve put together a 13 page workbook on How To Use Periscope, along with a 4 page checklist – and you can get them both for just $7

    You’ll Learn The Following:

    • What Is Periscope?
    • Creating & Managing Your Account
    • Choosing Your Username
    • Editing Your Profile & Profile Picture
    • Navigating Periscope Tabs
    • Broadcasting On Periscope
    • How To Get More Likes
    • How To Find People To Follow
    • Growing Your Audience
    • How To Use Periscope For Business
    • How To Use Periscope To Grow Your Email List

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    The normal price will be $17 – so grab the introductory price of only $7 while you can!

  • 5 Tips For Holiday Marketing

    As I write this, it’s September 25. Fall is officially here, the stores are filled with Halloween costumes and candy … and it won’t be long before the holidays are here. Christmas is 3 months away from today!

    Have you thought about your holiday marketing? No, I’m not crazy… Your marketing needs to be in place BEFORE the holidays actually happen!

    This is the best time to start planning your marketing strategies for the holiday season.

    Here are five tips to help you boost your sales during the upcoming holiday season:

    Make A Plan: Start your planning process now. Are you going to make a special item that’s only available this holiday season? Are you going to partner with another business to offer a “bundle” item? When are you going to offer your sales? Which promotions are you going to run? As you can see, there’s A LOT to think about. Start planning now, before you’re in the middle of holiday chaos.

    Reach Out To The Media:  The media comes in many forms now – from magazines and newspapers to YouTubers, podcasters, and bloggers … They are ALL the media, and many of them create holiday gift guides. They also have deadlines! Reach out to them and send out press releases about your holiday specials in advance! And while you’re at it, send one to your local TV and radio stations!

    Reach Out To Businesses: Many businesses buy gifts for their clients and business associates. These are known as “corporate gifts.” Reach out to your local businesses and let them know about your products. But do this early! Let’s say you make handmade coffee sleeves and they want to order 200 of them. It’s better to get that order in October than on December 20.

    Create A Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special : Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and this is the day that officially kicks off the holiday shopping season. Local stores drop their prices, extend their shopping hours and roll out all kinds of specials. The specials go on all weekend, and wrap up on Monday, which is known as “Cyber Monday.” This is a great deal to get online deals, free shipping, and other specials. You don’t have to be a big retailer to do this; create your own specials this weekend!

    Host A Holiday Show: Do you sell physical products? Schedule a little “party” or “show” in your home for some time between mid November and early December. Display your products and set out some light snacks and beverages. Invite your friends, family, co-workers, etc. These people are looking for holiday gifts – give them the opportunity to see what you make. You can sell current stock or you can have them place an order for an item. Have them pay for the order now  – just like they do at “home parties” for Tupperware, etc. Then, you can deliver the item once it’s finished.

    Ready For More Help? Get The Holiday Marketing Toolkit!

    • The Holiday Marketing ToolKit Includes:
    • Holiday Marketing Workbook (the main workbook w/ timeline)
    • 30 Ways To Get Publicity
    • Blog / Website Checklist
    • Working With Bloggers (workbook)
    • Social Media Checklist
    • Twitter Party Checklist
    • Creating A Press Kit & Media Room
    • Intro To Press Releases
    • 52 Press Release Ideas
    • Press Release Distribution Sites
    • Developing A Media List

    You will get everything listed above PLUS everything else in the “Try It Out” Bundle For Just $17.

    This bundle is only available until October 6.

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  • What Your Favorite Instagram Filter Says About Your Personality…


    I love Instagram. And not just for marketing. (There are about 25 blog posts I could write about that topic!)

    I just simply love sharing pictures and looking at other people’s pictures.

    I was a scrapbooker long before I ever registered a domain name. I’ve been guilty of taking waaay too many pictures for years… Now that it is a thing, it makes it easier for me to share all the little moments I want to remember.

    I just read an article on what your favorite Instagram filter says about your personality….

    My result? The Lazy Artist… you’ll have to check out the article to see which filter I’m guilty of using the most….

    What’s your favorite filter?


  • My Favorite Tool For Creating eCover Graphics


    eCover Graphics, like the ones above, are an essential tool for your online biz. You can add them to your sales pages, product descriptions, and use them on social media as a way to represent your virtual products, such as ebooks, online courses, webinars, etc.

    The software that I’ve been using to create the above graphics was priced at $97 per year!

    arrow50You can get it this week for $37! And that’s a one-time payment for LIFETIME ACCESS!

    UPDATE – Today (Friday, August 28) is the LAST day to get this for $37

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    You don’t need to be a graphics whiz kid to figure out how to use this software. Watch the video below as I make a graphic in less than five minutes!

    [s3vpp id=660ec5679ccdee22ceb402a77bb37087]


    This is an awesome investment for your biz! Maybe you don’t have an ebook or an online class yet, but are working on one. Get this software now, so you can make graphics for your website to announce your class or ebook when it’s ready!

    arrow50Free Class – I’m an affiliate for this software, so if you purchase it via this link, I will get a commission. To thank yo for your purchase, I am going to offer you a FREE Class on how to make the ecovers and how to get them up on the web! After you make your purchase, just forward your receipt to me at info{at}indiebizchicks{dot}com, and I’ll email you the details for the class.

  • 509 Reasons To Join The Big Awesome Giveaway

    big-awesome-giveawayThe Big Awesome Giveaway is coming soon – and I have some VERY good reasons on why you should join me as a partner!

    171, 122, 79, 77, 60 — that’s how many new people could be added to your mailing list with The Big Awesome Giveaway!

    Here’s how it works: You will create a freebie to give away. This could be a workbook, small report, some pre-made graphics, a video or audio… It’s whatever you want it to be.

    When you join me as a partner, you’ll send me a description of your freebie, the URL of where people can get your freebie, plus a graphic, which I’ll display on my site. When people click on the page to get your freebie, you’ll have an email form for them to sign up for your mailing list, and you’ll get a bunch of new subscribers.

    I did this last year with a group of people, and here are some of the results:

    “I had a total of 122 signups so I’m pretty happy about that and registered for your next Big Biz Giveaway in April.” 
     – Renee Shupe, Founder & Chief Redhead,

    “I’m looking forward to participating in The Big Biz Giveaway again in April. For the first time running Crissy did an excellent job promoting and organizing the event. I was very pleased with the results and for a my efforts was rewarded with 79 new subscribers to my email list! I know that with the proper follow-up some of these subscribers will become new customers. Thanks so much Crissy!”
    – Angela Wills, Marketers Mojo Owner and Founder,

    “I just wanted to let you know how successful the Big Biz Giveaway was for me. As of the final day, I had 77 people sign up for and  download the blogging expert guide I provided. I couldn’t be happier with the results and will definitely be signing up as a partner for your next giveaway – not to mention telling my colleagues that they need to get in on this now!”
    – Dawn Mena,

    “I thoroughly enjoyed The Big Biz Giveaway and got 60 new sign ups, which I think is fantastic. I’ll most certainly join up for the April one that will coincide with a product launch of mine.”
    Cherry-Ann Carew, Editor and Founder

    And I personally had 171 new subscribers!

    The Big Awesome Giveaway will be running from July 27 – August 10, 2015. 

    This is a great way to introduce your business to new people, grow your mailing list, and get some new customers!

    Again, this is how it works: Let’s say that you are offering a no-cost report. You will create a sign-up form on YOUR website / blog. You will give me the link. I will post this information on the Big Biz Giveaway and the people who want your report will go to your site to sign up for it.

    This will introduce you and your product / service to a bunch of new people and help you grow your newsletter list!

    It is $17 to join in as a partner of The Big Awesome Giveaway, but that price will be going up to $27 on July 1.

    I also ask that you let your newsletter list know about this giveaway at least 3 times between July 27 – August 10, 2015.

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  • Does Summer Have To Slow Down Your Biz?


    I’m sure you’ve heard about the dreaded “Summer Slow Down” …  Whether it’s the truth or an urban legend is debatable.

    There are some businesses who do slow down in the Summer (such as a ski resort) but that doesn’t mean your business will suffer! Some people are so paranoid, or so convinced, that their sales will start lagging in the Summer months that they pretty much give up on their business all together. (it’s no wonder their sales dip, if they aren’t promoting anything or working!)

    Don’t be one of those people! Here are some things to remember:

    • August sales pick up during the final week of the month, for back to school sales

    • Monday is the day most likely to have large ticket purchases

    • Wednesday is the top sales day of the week during the period from June to August

    • Friday is the day of the week when a greater number of expensive items are purchased

    • Saturdays and Sundays are the least likely days to have sales

    Experiment and see if these things hold true for your business. Send out your offers during the middle of the week, instead of the weekend; unless you’re promoting something expensive. If so, send out your promo on Monday or Friday. And be sure to schedule in a “Back To School” promo in early August!