Sometimes, procrastination is caused because your business isn’t organized. You put off starting a task because you can’t find the materials you need or you aren’t sure when that appointment was scheduled or when your next invoice is due to be sent.

As a solopreneur and small business owner, you may struggle to be organized. You spend the day spent bouncing from task to task with no billable hours completed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get organized with your projects so you spend more time growing your business and serving your community. Here are four quick tips to help cull the chaos and create systems that help you manage procrastination:

Store Your Ideas

You had an idea for your next Kindle book or discovered a topic you were fired up to share with your community. The only problem is you lost your note because you didn’t have a way to store it and easily find it again.

One option is to create a simple system with Evernote folders; one for Now, one for Next and one for Someday Maybe.

You could also create a board in Trello and create cards for Now, Next, and Someday Maybe, then move the project cards around as you move forward with your ideas.

Seeing it visually may help you choose what you need to focus on right now. It also gives you an easy way to find your ideas again when it’s time to implement something new in your business…

Make It Easy to Book Appointments

If you offer services for clients, then you need a simple way to book appointments. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time going back and forth over email or chat, trying to find a time that works for both your client and you.

Instead, create a calendar with free time periods on it through a service like Clients can look at your schedule and see what appointment times that they’d like to book. You’ll get an email sent to you when anyone books time with you, so you don’t have to worry about missing important client meetings.

Opt for a Project Management System

Project management systems can be useful if you’re collaborating on a product with another solopreneur. You may also want to use one if you provide services for your clients. Use Trello or Asana to set up deadlines, assign tasks, check in on your project status, and share files as needed.

Don’t Miss Follow Up Opportunities

Not following up with an affiliate or business partner can cause you to lose out on valuable opportunities. If you’d like to approach another solopreneur about creating a joint venture in a few months, go ahead and put a reminder on your calendar.

You can do the same with clients that you’d like to work with again. Simply put their name on your calendar so you remember to reach out to them again. If possible, have a digital reminder sent to your email so you know when it’s time to follow up.

Pay attention to the tasks that you tend to procrastinate on. Then look for apps and websites that can complete the task for you quickly and easily.

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