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NSD – Get Inspired!

Today is National Scrapbooking Day! I was a scrapbooker long before I created IndieBizChicks. In fact, when I did start learning how to design a site and get it onto the internet, when people asked me how I liked it, I would say “Oh, I love it – it’s a lot like scrapbooking!”

Scrapbooking and blogging really do go very well together. Both of them are all about telling stories. Some blogs are very personal and are actually digital scrapbooks on steroids. They have the same photo and story telling element, but they also are interactive and constantly evolving.

And then there are blogs that are more focused on a particular subject, such as this one. So, while it isn’t a scrapbook of my personal life, it is still a scrapbook in it’s own way. It’s a collection of information about how we, as hip and modern women, are doing business, using social media, etc. In twenty five years, a lot of the information will be out dated. People who read the posts I am writing right now will be thinking “Twitter? Are you serious? They were using Twitter back then? They might as well have been using a telegram!” And that kind of reminds of looking at old photos, and thinking “Yeah, that feathered hair and neon checker shirt must have really awesome in 1982!” See – it really is just like a scrapbook!

And in honor of the day, I am going to share three of my favorite “scrapbook queens” with you. Looking over their blogs, and their layouts, will definitely inspire. It may come in the form of an idea for a new blog design, a new blog post – or help you choose colors for your next craft project. Whatever the case may be, these blogs are full of great ideas, great photos, and great design!

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Crissy Says

Ali Edwards On Summer Biz Sessions Tonight!

I am very excited to have Ali Edwards as a guest tonight on Summer Biz Sessions!

Ali Edwards passion resides in that very special place where the stories and images of life intersect.

Designer, blogger at, author, wife and mother of two, Ali is well known for capturing everyday life with photos and words and creating scrapbooks from those moments that often pass by in an instant.

“I started scrapbooking in 2002 as a way to organize all the stuff I collected after the birth of my son. It has become so much more than an organizational process for me. Through the techniques of photography and personal storytelling I have discovered my voice. My hope is that by sharing the stories of my life and the methods I use to document our days, others will feel inspired and encouraged to record their own.”

Since embarking on this creative career, Ali has written four books about scrapbooking, authored a popular monthly column for Creating Keepsakes magazine, conducted workshops around the country, internationally, and online, and currently designs digital scrapbooking products for Designer Digitals and stamps for Technique Tuesday.

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Crissy Says

Sites I Like – And Why I Like ‘Em!

I’ve seen a lot of websites. I’ve seen some great ones, and I’ve seen some terrible ones. Everyone has their own opinion of what a “great” website is, of course. But I can tell you that, for me, there are several things that great websites have in common.

Instead of just writing out what I think, I decided to show you! I took some screen shots of some of my favorite websites and wrote in some notes about why I liked them. You’ll notice that they are all different types of sites with unique designs. But they do share a few things!

They all have clean lines, are un-cluttered, provide clear navigation, feature complementary colors, and easy to read fonts. These things combined make for a very aesthetically pleasing website. And when your website looks good, your visitors will stay longer, and your chances of making a sale increase!

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