Managing Your Biz

It Pays To Have Skills

In this world, you need some skills! Believe it or not, you have some natural ones already inside you. Unfortunately, not all of them are worth a paycheck. I mean, when is the last time you saw someone get paid to pat their head and rub their belly at the same time?

But there are some skills that can be LEARNED, and thankfully, once you learn them, they can put some food on your table.

Here are a few skills that I recommend you master (especially if you like this online business kind of stuff and want to earn a living with it)

WordPress: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I heart WordPress. It is what I build all of my websites in. First of all, it’s free. It’s easy to use, and you never have to worry about getting stuck because there are so many tutorials out there on the web. It’s also easy to customize. Trust me – I was a total WordPress newbie three years ago, but if I can learn it, you can, too! I cannot stress to you how much I recommend using it for your website.

To help you get over the learning curve, check out the Hot Summer Seminar Series . This year, it is all about WordPress! There is a seminar in a web room each Wednesday at 9pm Eastern, with a different guest and topic each week. Some of the topics include:

  • Securing your WordPress installation
  • Choosing a great theme
  • Great Plugins
  • Things WordPress Can Do That You May Not Know About
  • Getting More Blog Subscribers
  • Keeping Your Content In Front Of Your Readers
  • And More!

To learn more about these sessions and how to register, click here.

Copywriting: This is the “sales” writing — it’s the stuff that makes up your product descriptions, the blog posts and newsletter articles that promote your products and services… It’s the writing that makes people want to purchase your stuff. If your sales aren’t coming in as frequently as you’d like, definitely take a look at your copywriting.

There really is a method to writing good copy! When you are trying to sell a product, it’s natural to feel as though you should describe the features of the product. But guess what? That is not what sells a product! It’s the benefits that make people want something!

For example, if you were buying a new coffee maker, do you really site there and analyze each specification found in tiny print on the back of the packaging?

Or do you look at the front and see the big letters that emphasize “Easy To Use,” “No Wait Time,” “Enjoy a hot, steaming perfect cup of coffee in just thirty seconds. Simply plug it in and let it do the work for you! Your home will be filled with the aroma of fresh coffee in no time. Sit back and enjoy coffee house style coffee in your pajamas every morning.”

Seriously. What makes you want to buy that coffee maker more? The 12 cup carafe or the idea of fresh, hot coffee brewed to perfection?

For more tips on how to improve your copy, check out this audio and training guide — for only $10! But the $10 price is only good through July 23, so act fast!

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Managing Your Biz

Freebie Friday: Lots of free stuff for Indie Biz Chicks Day

Yep, yep – the day has come! It is officially Indie Biz Chicks Day. So, if you are a women in independent business, celebrate by taking a bit of time off to go do something nice for yourself.

Now what’s a holiday without presents?? Everyone LOVES presents! And I have some for you, and that includes guides on starting an online business, blogging, increasing your sales through the words on your site, tips on outsourcing and more (check out the line up at If you are a subscriber to The Weekly Biz Tips, there should have been an email waiting for you this morning with the info on how to download the gifts.

And if you’re not a subscriber, you can subscribe through the box on the top right or through the link I mentioned in the above paragraph. Your gifts will be sent to you within a few moments.

Happy Indie Biz Chicks Day!

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