Fall Marketing Ideas, Vol 1

I know that it is July and very hot outside, but Fall will be here before you know it. Over the next few weeks, I will be writing several blog installments with tips on Fall Marketing. Here is the first one!

Hold A Back To School Sale: As we all know, the kids head back to school in the fall. Late August and early September are the perfect times to hold a back to school sale. If you offer something such as children’s apparel, you don’t need to do much to make this sale work for you.

Now, if you offer adult clothing or accessories, it’s still not too hard to create this type of sale. People are in the “shopping mode” in the fall. So, really, just offering a sale on your items will be enough incentive for them to grab a little something for themselves.

But what if your business isn’t clothes related at all? NO problem! “Back To School” time is also the time when moms can take time out for themselves, AND this is also a prime time to market business services (virtual assistance, web design, graphics) as people who own businesses are getting back to business after taking a leisurely summer season.

Can You Teach It? People are ready to learn during the fall, so if you have something to teach, this is a great time to create a class. Your class can be held locally, online in a web room, or via telephone conference call. You can charge for your class and earn extra money OR you can offer your class for free and use it to market your products and services.

Business To Business Holiday Marketing: You know what comes after Fall… the holidays! Many businesses give their clients gifts during the holidays. Since they order in large quantities, they do not wait until the last minute to purchase these gifts. They order them in the fall! If you have a product that can be personalized or is somehow “office related,” the fall is a great time to market your product to businesses. Tell them WHY your product would make a great client gift… And then, watch the orders come in!

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