Coming Soon: The Indie Biz Chicks Conference!

The Indie Biz Chicks Conference is coming soon! In fact, it will be held May 11 – 13. This is going to be 3 days of learning! The conference is held virtually, so you can attend no matter where you live! All you need to do is dial into the conference line!

More details will be released soon… so stay tuned!

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Crissy Says

Balancing Your Biz With Your Kids

I asked Carrie Lauth to speak at The Indie Biz Chicks Conference about balancing a business while raising children. Carrie did a fantastic job. And believe me, she knows what she is talking about. She is the mother of five – soon to be six – children!

After the call, she shared some of her blog posts with me on topics that we brought up during the seminar. Here are the links:

Why Moms Should Start A Home Based Business Today

“No Money, No Time” – Sorry Mom, But I Ain’t Buying It

I Learned Everything I Needed To Know About Business From Childbirth

You can read more posts from Carrie by clicking here

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Crissy Says

The Indie Biz Chicks Conference Schedule Rocks

There are some awesome seminars scheduled for The Indie Biz Chicks Conference on November 17 and 18. And the best part? They are all FREE! Click Here to register!

November 17, 2009 (all times listed in Eastern)

10 am   Balancing A Biz With Kids – Carrie Lauth

12 pm   Setting Up (Online) Shop – Christie Ingram

2 pm   The Real Deal On Telecommuting – Leslie Truex

7 pm   Promoting Your Biz Through Social Media – Crissy Herron

9 pm – Get Your Biz Whipped Into Action – Erika Lyremark

November 18, 2009 (all times listed in Eastern)

10 am  Starting An Affiliate Program – Angela Wills

12 pm   Balancing Your Biz With Your Life – Aurelia Williams

4 pm   How To Find Clients For Your Service Based Business – Erin Blaskie

7 pm   How To Earn Money As An Affiliate – Crissy Herron

9 pm – Rocking Your Brand – Lindsay Maines

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Crissy Says

Indie Biz Chicks Offers Free Online Conference For Women Entrepreneurs (Press Release)

For Immediate Release

Indie Biz Chicks Offers Free Online Conference For Women Entrepreneurs

October 21, 2009 – Flint, MI –, a website for “women who’d rather work for themselves, than work for the man,” is offering a free online business conference November 17th  and 18th, 2009.

The Indie Biz Chicks Conference, known as “The Biz Conference That Rocks,” will feature two days of seminars. The conference will feature information on how to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook, how to blog in a way that attracts and engages readers, how to set and attain goals, how to use technology to create more freedom in your business, how to balance work and personal life, and more.

“I’m very excited to be able to offer The Indie Biz Chicks Conference,” says Crissy Herron, the Indie Biz Chicks founder.  “We provide information that helps women run their businesses – and we do it for free! Since it’s held online, women do not have to worry about taking time away from their business to attend, travel expenses or arranging for child care. This is a conference that really helps women succeed.”

The seminars will be delivered via telephone conference line and web casts. It is possible to participate from any where in the world! People can register here, for free:
The conference is free to participants, thanks to the generous donation of our sponsors. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, please visit:

About The Indie Biz Chicks Conference:
The Indie Biz Chicks Conference is an off-shoot of, a website that provides business, marketing, and publicity info to “women who’d rather work for themselves, than work for the man.”

This conference will be focused on providing women  the education and tools they need to start and grow their own businesses. Why? Because when it comes to business, women ROCK! And they can totally make it happen!
Contact: Crissy Herron
Email: info@indiebizchicks.coom

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Crissy Says

A Big Proper “THANK YOU!!!”

I just wanted to take a moment to say “Thanks” to everyone who helped make The Indie Biz Chicks Conference a success!

First of all, a big “Thank You” goes out to everyone who listened to a session. Without you, there is no reason to be holding the conference!

Our speakers all did a wonderful job! Thanks again to Amy Schroeder, Kelly Wilkinson, Gwen Bell, Maggie McDonald, Jenny Hart, Handmade Detroit, Laura Allen and Kelly McCausey.

Another big “Thank You” goes out to our sponsors, including  our Gold Level Sponsor, Vertical Response, and Silver Level Sponsors, The Buyers Market of American Craft, Mary Byers, Sstargell Designs. Bronze Level Sponsors  include  Shelly Rachanow, Capitola Girl Jewelry, The Electic Bag Lady, Jen Kiaba Photography, Bird Dog Press, and Urban Girl Yoga. Supporters include LaTara Ham-Ying, Generous, Moonlight Journey, and Briefcase Diva.

Again – thank you to all who participated! And if you liked this conference…. look for an upcoming announcement about The Summer Biz Sessions!

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Crissy Says

What I Learned From The Indie Biz Chicks Conference

Wow! What an awesome couple of days! The Indie Biz Chicks Conference was AWESOME! I know I’m biased – but I thought we had some amazing sessions! I learned so much!

For example, Amy Schroeder’s session gave me some great ideas about starting an intern program (watch for that soon!) and Jenny Hart definitely taught me a lot in her session on protecting your work with copyrights.

Maggie McDonald’s session also stood out for me. She taught us about promoting an online event to promote your brand. Now, I think I have done a pretty good job to establish the Indie Biz Chicks brand … but I do think I need to step up my game on branding my name — as in Crissy Herron.  (I even started a new Twitter account @CrissyHerron, so follow me there… @IndieBizChicks isn’t going anywhere, so don’t worry!)

Gwen Bell did a fantastic job as well, and I love how she intertwined her Chicken Nugget, Chicken Bucket, Chicken Dinner theory : ) Laura Allen taught us how to create a 15 second pitch and Kelly Wilkinson gave out some great ideas on how to pitch the press, and Handmade Detroit did some great tips on craft shows!!

I will be sending out a proper “thank you” to everyone who spoke, sponsored, and helped to promote this. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you! But right now – it is the end of a long two days, and I am going to go take a moment to breathe : )

But for now… THANK YOU. And be on the watch for the proper one : )

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Crissy Says

Win A Set Of The Indie Biz Chicks Conference Recordings

The Indie Biz Chicks Conference is taking place this Wednesday and Thursday. There will be several sessions each day,  led by some very awesome entrepreneurial women (view full schedule here). The individual sessions are free to attend, and you can also choose to purchase the set of the recordings for under $35 (click here for more info).

I will be giving away 3 sets of the recordings for free! And you can enter the contest 2 different ways:

1)  Tweet About It! Are you on Twitter? Post about the conference using this hashtag #ibc-conf. Each time you do, you’re entered!

Example Tweet:
The Indie Biz Chicks Conference is taking place May 6 & 7! Register now for free! #ibc-conf

2) Blog Abut It! You can also enter by blogging about the Indie Biz Chicks Conference. Let people know about the conference and point them to the website, You can talk about the session(s) you are looking forward to, the speakers you are most eager to listen to, etc, etc. Remember – you are blogging about the conference – not this contest.

Once you’ve written your blog post come back here and post a link to it!

The winner will be drawn on Friday at 5pm Eastern.

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Crissy Says

Registration Now Open For Indie Biz Chicks Conference

I am super excited because registration for The Indie Biz Chicks Conference is now open!
(Register here: )

If you haven’t heard about, the conference will be held on May 6 and 7 and the best part is that it will be a virtual event. There will be 14 sessions led by some very cool Indie Biz Chicks on topics such as how to network like a rock star, using a podcast to market your business, how to use social media, put together a rockin’ craft show, and more!

(See the conference website for a sneak peek of the speaker list)

The following is a press release for the event; if you have a blog or website of your own, feel free to repost it! Thanks!

The Indie Biz Chicks Conference
Brings DIY Business Info To Women

Flint, MI – April 2, 2009 The Indie Biz Chicks Conference, a virtual conference held via phone and web room, will be taking place on May 6 and 7, 2009. The focus of the conference will be delivering “do it yourself” business information to entrepreneurial women.

The conference will feature 14 live seminar sessions led by successful women business owners who are experts in their fields. These women will share their knowledge on topics such as business, marketing, event planning, networking, blogging, and using social media.

“I am very excited about The Indie Biz Chicks Conference,” says conference founder, Crissy Herron. “I know a lot of people are looking for help in starting and growing a business. This conference will allow them to get the answers they’re looking for, and since it’s being held virtually, they don’t have to worry about paying for travel expenses.”

The Indie Biz Chicks Conference is an off-shoot of, a website aimed at women entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s. Founded by Herron in 2007, the website brings business, marketing, and publicity info to women “who’d rather work for themselves, than work for the man.”

Conference participants can register for free and will be emailed instructions on how to access the live seminars. These sessions will be recorded and participants may choose to purchase the 14 seminar set for $34.95. The registration page is found at:

The seminars are offered live for free thanks to conference sponsors such as Vertical Response, author Mary Byers, and The Buyers Market of American Craft.

More information on The Indie Biz Chicks Conference can be found at:


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