Website Security: Your Passwords, Password Management Software, Smart Sharing with Service Providers


There are times in your business when you need to share a password. You might want your VA to schedule some social media updates for you or you might have your web designer upload your customized WordPress theme to your website.

Since you trust these people, you could give them your password. After they’ve finished the tasks, you can manually change the password to your account. The problem is that you have to do this every single time a provider completes a task for you, which can be difficult to implement.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to share passwords that doesn’t leave you vulnerable or stuck updating your passwords every week.  Sites like CommonKey and TeamPassword were designed to help teams manage passwords.

You enter your login credentials and choose which team members to share them with. Your team has access to the services you’ve selected but they never see your real password. You can also revoke a team member’s access at any time you choose.

Protect Your Devices

All of the security tips and password generators in the world won’t help you if your device is compromised by malware. Some types of malware come bundled with key loggers. These key loggers track your passwords then send them back to the original hacker.

To prevent malware, install a virus scanner like Malwarebytes or McAFEE on all of your devices, including your smartphone and tablet. Make sure your scanner runs at least once a week and keep it up to date so you won’t be vulnerable to new threats.

Passwords are easy to overlook but it only takes a few minutes to update old passwords and sign up for a password management service. Remember, keeping your website secure is in the details.

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