We had another snow day in my town today. We had one on Monday, too. I live in Michigan, so it’s not unusual to have snow days in February – but this year has been a little crazy. The normal snowfall for my town is 28″ for the season – we’ve already had more than double that, and we still have a lot of winter left.

My town hasn’t had a full week of school since December. We’ve had A LOT of snow … and I may have snow on my brain .. but hear me out on this:

You Want Snowflakes In Your Business

A couple weeks ago, the local news called for an inch of snow to fall overnight. I was over at my sister’s, and as I was leaving, she said “Hey – are those snowflakes?” You could barely see them starting to fall. The next day – we woke up to a snow day – and a lot more than an inch of snow.

The night before, the snowflakes were tiny, something we barely noticed and easily disregarded.

That’s how all snow storms start. Just a few little flakes starting to fall. And before you know it, it can add up to a huge amount of snow that can close down schools and more.

Think about how this applies to your business.

If you do something, even something little, every day, it will eventually add up to something BIG.

Sometimes, when you’re doing the little things and not seeing any results, it can feel like you’re wasting your time, that there’s no point. Then, it’s easy to stop working on your business all together – and that guarantees you won’t see any results.

But if you start doing something little each day, and give it some time, think about what you can accomplish in 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, or more. You will be seeing some awesome results!

Make that you’re plan. Do something little every day. Put some snowflakes in your business, and see how they start to add up.